Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Unexpected Visitor...

Garrison had an unexpected visitor last night.  His name was Mr. Flu Bug:(.  Thankfully he made a sudden appearance and left quite quickly.  Now, if only we knew where to put up a sign saying that he isn't welcome in this home:).  It was around 1 in the morning when the Swinging Door Motel had it's first customer.  I opened my eyes to see Garrison staring at me. I've started to identify a certain look about them because they always seem to come to our room and use our bed as their favorite place to throw up.:(.  Anyway, I barely had time to ask if he was going to throw up when he made that sound.  I said Scott's name, loud enough apparently and he jumped into action.  He grabbed Garrison, covered him mouth, pulled him backwards and out of the room faster than I've seen him move in a long time.  I don't know if that means Garrison swallowed the first amount that was coming, and although that thought is gross, I'm extremely thankful that none of it was in our bed or on our floor.  The floor was covered with books and blankets, thanks to the children's activity during the day.  It would have been a big cleaning job had he thrown up what ended up in the toilet.  Poor kid, lost it about 5 times, but then seemed okay.  We set him up on towels by the couch and he only had one more episode during the night.  This morning he woke up acting just fine and has eaten a decent amount, though I've restricted some of his food choices.  Yesterday it seemed like the kids were constantly hungry and sometimes I think the combination that's consumed throughout the day can't possibly mix well.  So, hopefully that's all it was, a bad combo of food.  I'll try to be ready just in case one of the others comes down with it tonight.  I like to have them sleep on towels instead of their quilts, since the towels are a lot less work to clean and we don't want the quilts permanently stained.
  I never did mention the "laundry episode".  My awesome husband did the never ending laundry while I was sick and one of the last loads he did there was a "red crayon"!  Included in the load were two of my favorite jean skirts and one of Elyssia's new skirts.  The other clothes I wasn't as concerned about.  Pajamas, socks and underclothes can be worn at home, but what was I going to do with the loss of two skirts?  Scott didn't give up.  He went online to see how to remove crayon after it's been through the dryer.  Guess what he found?  Wash it with WD-40, scrub out marks, put in wash with vinegar and wash a couple times after that to get the smell out.  It does take at least 3 washings to get out the smell and I'm not sure how good WD-40 is for the fabric, but at least I can we can wear our clothes in public for at least another year or so:).  So, that's my salute and nomination for Scott as Husband of the Year.  He's totally gone above and beyond the call of duty while I've been ill.  He put up with the kids complaining because his cooking was different, but by the end I was hearing a lot of, "this is the best food ever!"  I hope that and my thanks make a lot of the headaches worth it all.  We're very thankful that the worst of the nausea seems to be past.  I still have a bit of lighheadedness now and then and have a long way to go before I'm drinking enough water, but it's 90 times better than it was.  I've started to get a bit of an appetite and taking naps with the little ones gets me through to the end of the day.
  Now it's time to head off and put the supper on the table.  The kids have been working on the greenhouse with Scott this week and it shows in their appetites.   The smell of summer is just around the corner...

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