Saturday, June 4, 2011

Too busy...

and tired to post the past couple days.  The unwanted visitor has been returning each night to visit a different child and sometimes the same one.  Kiersten is the only one(of the children) not to succumb so far.  I have a feeling that it's probably her turn tonight.  Yesterday was spent cleaning up and getting ready for the Expected Visitors(Nana and Grandad).  The kids have enjoyed the short visit, in spite of the long night for mother and boys last night.  It's nice to have something else to focus on and I'll have to post some pics of Garrison's Lego creation sometime in the near future.  Grandad started, Nana redesigned and Garrison took it from there:).  Maybe we have a future architect on our hands:).

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  1. Hey, you're doing much better than me on the whole blogging thing!! :o)
    Thanks for your prayers earlier...everything well very well and little Robby is a gem.