Thursday, June 9, 2011

"I woke up this morning...

feelin' fine, I woke up with Heaven on my mind."  Who remembers that song.?  I really am starting to feel better.  The past two days I had a bad headache, but other than that the nausea really does seem less.  I needed to send pics to one lady and thought that maybe I should do some 16 week pregnancy pics, or just a recent pic, since I really haven't posted one since our Georgia trip.  So, although there's only a little baby bump, here are the pics:

16 weeks

Pretending to have good posture:)

Pic for Deb.  These sweatshirts are for a fundraiser to support their adoption process. I Love mine:)

So, the day is off to a great start. Scott made butterscotch buns for breakfast.  The kids seem to all be in good spirits and it's beautiful outside.  We are all rested, due to the fact that none of the kids threw up last night. Praise the Lord!  We're also very thankful that Cameryn and Caleigh's surgeries went well.  So, hopefully the rest of the day...I knew I spoke too soon. Caleb was just caught coloring on the wall.  Well, something else to be thankful for---The magic eraser:))).


  1. oh you got a sweatshirt from Debb. Isn't she so sweet. I have a shirt from her, I love it!!

  2. You dont even look pregnant!:) Ive been hearing you talk about this fundraiser to help with a families adoption. Where can I go to order one? I would love to help!

  3. Hey Amy,
    The sweatshirt came from Debb Marquez, you should be able to click on her pic, since she started following my blog. I'm not sure if she's putting in an order soon, but you can ask. I want to order another one in a brown with pink lettering. That's the one I originally wanted, but she'd put in her order already. Abby commented above you and she does custom t-shirts that I ordered for our kids. Super cute:). We decided to try to use some of our shopping money to help others this year instead of supporting WalMart:). I still do a lot of Thrift store and yard sales, but those are helping people as well. Let me know if you have trouble getting on Debb's site.