Tuesday, July 31, 2012

First Fruits Of Summer

Slowing down, not really:). We've had a little bit of quiet time this week, but more gearing up for our trip to Alberta this week.

Lawn Mowed-Check

Laundry done-Check

House Clean-Check

Peaches Canned-Check(well, not all of them, but one batch down, 1 to go, plus jam) Scott and the kids actually did that while I was weeding last night:).

A family that we know from town called and asked us to come pick up a pail of Raspberries! That was an unexpected blessing:).

The strawberries have slowed down a bit, but the raspberries are coming faster, so it's nice to be able to keep up with that. We're freezing most of it now and waiting for a cooler day to do that jam and pies. Something to look forward to:).

Adelaide is pulling up on the furniture now and loves to be outside. She crawls around on the porch, with the gates locked, and just enjoys the sun, breeze, and watching all the activity around her.

We have all the books for School organized now and the only thing holding us back is our trip and the final stage of potty-training Kiersten. We put off the official task until all our travels were complete. Looking forward to the completion of that:). I'm thinking that the middle of August will be a good time to start school, that way we won't get behind when Scott heads to Scotland in September.

I'll leave you with a couple pics, to hold you off until we get back from our trip...

What's under that pink mushroom?

It's a Kiersty Flower-A rare variety that only grows at Hidden Hollows Farm;).

Elyssia at the end of her favorite job-Fresh peas from the garden!

The brothers "helping". I think they mostly like to eat them and throw the empty pods at each other:).

Friday, July 27, 2012

Give of Your Best To The Master?

Do I really give my best to the Lord? I'd honestly have to say that no, I don't always give of my best to the Master. The Giver of Life, My Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ. I love Him because He first loved me. I serve Him because of that Love. He's the only one that can truly satisfy me and be my Best Friend and He deserves the very best. I'll admit that I'm feeling quite convicted sitting here typing right now. KNOWING and DOING what is right are two very different things. Even the Apostle Paul struggled with this. Doing what he knew what was right and not doing those things that he knew were wrong. There are so many choices in this life and so often, just like little children we choose wrong time after time. If we're to be a good example to our kids we definitely need the Lord's help. Making wise use of our time each day and also of our free time. I pray that the Lord will help me to make wiser choices in the days, weeks, months and years ahead.

The following is something that I posted on Facebook today-I hope it is both thought proviking and a blessing:).

Something I'm pondering today... How many of us give the Lord, our Creator, even one hour of our day? We, myself included, get caught up in our long list of things to do and He gets the leftovers. Many of us spend more time looking for good advice, etc online, but neglect to get our wisdom from God's Word. A friend of ours made a good point-Our society is so concerned about what they eat physically, trying to get that extra year or two of life and yet they don't want to give God, the Giver of Life, much time at all. Where we spend eternity is far more important than one more day here on earth. Knowing that I have Heaven to look forward to makes each day of living down here full of purpose and worth living for. Looking for someone to share the Lord with today and everyday:). Happy Friday Everyone!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Until then...

This morning I had a difficult time saying goodbye to a good family friend. These past 3 days we've had Bro. Sommerdorf here preaching our tent meeting. I honestly cried after he left, which is saying a lot. I'm not big on crying, but it felt kind of like saying goodbye to my dad. Most of you know that my dad died a little over 6 years ago. I don't always cry on the anniversary of his death, but in times like these, it brings back all the longing for his presence and the sound of his voice once more. To be able to call him and ask him questions, to tell him that I love him one more time. I can hardly type through the tears. I'm not sorrowing as those that have no hope. I DO know, without a doubt that I will be reunited with him in Heaven one day.

I don't know who might end up reading this, but I'd like to share some of the reasons that I can make the above statement about "Knowing For Sure" that I'll have that reunion in Heaven.

It's NOT because I think I've been good enough to get to Heaven. God's Word says in Romans 3:10 - As it is written, There is NONE righteous, no not one:

It's NOT because I've never sinned or done anything bad. God's Word says in Romans 3:23 - For ALL have sinned and come short of the glory of God.

It's NOT because I can pay the penalty for my sin. Romans 6:23 says, "For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord.

It's a Free Gift!

It's amazing how many people refuse to accept this "Free" gift and yet they are more than willing to accept "free" things that this world offers them. This gift is offered freely to us, but it's because Jesus took that penalty and paid for our sin. Mine and everyone else that has been born.

Sin entered the world by one man named Adam. God's Word says in Romans 5:12-Wherefore, as by one man sin entered the world, and death by sin; and so death passed upon all men, for all have sinned. Sin brought separation from God. He is our Creator and He is the only one that can fill that emptyness in our soul. We often try to fill it with things that the world has to offer, but that "satisfied feeling" only lasts a short time. Then we're out looking for something or someone else to help us forget the those unsatisfied and lonely feelings. We were made to love, praise and glorify the Lord. We have great joy when we do those things. Serving the Lord and looking for ways to be a blessing to those around us bring true joy. I find that the times when I start to feel unsatisfied or bored with life it's because I'm not spending enough time with the Lord and there is usually something that He wants to me do, but I've gotten too busy with plans and everyday life to listen.

I'm thankful that the Lord never gives up on me and keeps working to help me become more like Jesus and less like the selfish person I'd be without His presence in my life. He encourages me to reach out to others!

This week I was reminded through the preaching that after inviting people to church or sharing the Gospel with them, I need to leave the rest up to the Lord. I need to love them and be kind to them, but whether or not they accept the free gift or not is something that is out of my control. I think we all have the desire to control things around us, but this is in God's hands. Can you imagine going to a Birthday Party and forcing other people to accept a gift? It's really not a scenario that I've ever seen happen. Usually people are more than happy to receive presents:). For some reason many people are unwilling to accept God's gift though. It's hard to understand, but it happens every day.

I didn't have to clean up my life before the Lord would accept me as His child - Romans 5:8 says, "But God commmendeth his love toward us, in that while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us". While I was still a sinner Christ saved me! I'm so thankful that He did:).

Romans 10:9,10,13 say, "That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus and believe in thine heart that God hath raised him(Jesus) from the dead, thou shalt be saved. For with the heart man believeth unto righteousness; and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation. For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord Jesus shall be saved".

Notice in the above verses that God's Word says "thou", not "some people". It says thou "shalt" be saved! Not that "maybe" you will be saved. It says "whosoever" and not "certain people". God is not willing that ANY should perish, but that ALL should come to repentance. He desires that everyone be saved, but it is still a choice that each person has to make for themselves. We REALLY wanted to see at least one person accept the Lord as their Saviour this week,but it's something that we prayed for and left in the Lord's hands. We know that His desire is to see souls saved, but it's not always in our timing. We thank Him for allowing us to be a part of planting the seeds of the Word of God and also watering. We know that He gives the increase in His time and pray for many of our friends and loved ones that are still "thinking about it".

There are so many people around us that are lost and headed for an eternity in Hell. It's not because they're all wicked people. It's because we're all born with a sin nature and unless we accept God's gift of salvation we are NOT able to pay the penalty for that sin. Our God is merciful and loving, but He's also a God of justice. There are laws here on earth that have penalties and if we don't obey the laws we end up in jail or put to death. Each action has a good or bad consequence and I,for one, am thankful that I'm trusting in what Jesus did for me on the cross and not my own good works to get me to Heaven. I'd NEVER get into Heaven based on that. I've heard that some people believe that if your last thought before you die is worldly that you don't go to Heaven. That is a frightening thought and I'm thankful that it's not true. John 14:6 says, "Jesus saith unto them, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me." He doesn't say that everyone has to find their own way. He doesn't speak of working your way to Heaven. He doesn't say that this is just one of many ways. He says I am "the" way. It seems so simple. It's able to be understood by children and yet so many of us "adults" reject this as a fairytale.

Someone once told me-What do we have to lose by believing and accepting this free gift? If we're wrong then we've lived our lives like we believe God wants us to. Like we've read in the Bible. If there's nothing after this life, then there's nothing. BUT, and this is a big chance to take. If others are wrong and God, Heaven and Hell do exist-The Lost have EVERYTHING to lose. They will go to Hell with no more chances. So many times we give our children 2nd chances. Well, after we die, that won't be an option. It will be too late to accept that free gift or to tell the rest of your family that Hell really does exist.

The main reason that I put Bible references is that I want anyone who reads this to know that it's not just my personal opinion. It's written down and the Lord has preserved it for us down through history so that we can "KNOW FOR SURE" that we are saved and on our way to Heaven.

So, the sadness has passed, the joy and anticipation of what's to come is even stronger. As people travel away from us or pass away from this earth, it just gives us one more reason to look forward to eternity in Heaven. There will be no tears up there:). I'm excited about the day that I will see the Lord and my earthly Father. I'm excited about the reunions, but also given a greater burden to tell those around me that "Jesus Saves". The Tent Meeting Revival was not just to have another excuse to fellowship. That is an added blessing. It was to reach out to the lost and remind those of us who are saved that God has a purpose for our lives. He wants us to get saved, to be forgiven, to love those around us and never stop telling them that Jesus loves them and died to save them. Did He die in vain? Definitely not:)

My husband and father in law sang the song "Until Then" last night. The Lord is bringing some of the words back to me today. Especially the part about Until then my heart will go on singing, until then with joy I'll carry on". It encourages my heart and gives me joy to think of that.

Another thought was that lost people don't read the Bible, they just read us. Am I a joy filled person? Do I go around praising and thanking the Lord or do I walk around looking tired and discouraged? Whether we're aware of it or desire it-People around us are watching, waiting for us to give them a reason to find fault and reject the Lord. I am far from perfect, but pray that the Lord can use me to love others and share the Good News that JESUS saves. I can't save, but HE can:).

Rejoicing in the knowledge and the wonder that Jesus loves me and You!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

High Temps, Humidity and Hair Treatments...

Hmmm, what do the three have in common other than starting with "H"? They all occurred this week. It was fairly busy, in spite of the heat. We got up to around 104F. I was very thankful for our window air conditioner. All 4 of the kids have been sleeping on the floor in the girl's room. They have 2 fans going and it seems to keep them cool enough to sleep well. We were able to get a good portion of the garden weeded on Monday, but other than that we kept busy around the house. Thankfully the last 2 days we finally got some rain to cool things down.

I don't have any pictures yet, but the kids got new "to them" bikes! They're very excited and we're looking forward to seeing the sun again so that they can ride for more than 10 minutes. E's bike was too small, G's bike wouldn't pedal anymore and C's bike had steering issues. I put an ad on the Facebook Kindersley Garage Sale site and within less than a day a lady had responded saying that she probably had all 3. The price was perfect and the bikes are in pretty good shape, which is a bonus.

The hair treatment was for Kiersten. She's had a dry scalp since she was a baby and this week I thought I'd try something that I had done for me when I was growing up. Prepare to be grossed out, Preston:). It's the mayonnaise treatment. Basically work mayonnaise into the scalp and leave it there for about an hour, then rinse it out and comb through to work all the dry skin off. She did really well and her scalp looks great now. Her hair is shiny and I don't think we'll need to do it for at least another 6 months, maybe now at all. The boys thought it was funny and teased her a bit, but she really didn't care.

Friday I took the kids in to practice for a special with a girl from our church. She plays guitar and we had a fun time going through and trying different songs together. The thing that was really nice was that she approached me and asked if I'd sing a special with her:). We sang this morning and I really enjoyed it. We're hoping to sing every other week or so. It would be nice if we could sing together for the Tent Meeting, but she works til 10 at night during the week.

Yesterday, missionaries from Quebec arrived! We went in early to get supper ready. We pretty much had instant friends:). The youngest girl doesn't speak much English, but it doesn't seem to matter to Elyssia. They find ways to communicate anyway. I had an interesting time trying to incorporate some French into my Sunday School Lesson this morning, in order for her to better understand things:). I'm kind of rusty:). Anyway, we took lunch this afternoon and Kathlene stayed too. I really enjoyed singing with her, while she played guitar. The first special I've done with guitar accompaniment. Looking forward to many more... Good fellowship, good memories, lots of encouragement. I'm adding another family to the list of those I will look forward to spending eternity with:). Praising the Lord for their burden to Quebec.

Well, I'm going to try to get a really quick nap before we head back to feed the missionaries supper... Happy Sunday!!!

Saturday, July 7, 2012


A friend used this word recently, not knowing whether it was really a word, but said that it described all those moments that were truly worth remembering and writing about. I like it and today has been one of those extremely bloggable days:). I will blog it through pictures...

Addy in a box=classic kids toy, free and priceless for the joy it brings:)

Dress up. I guessed a Pilgrim. She said White Ninja. Hmmmm, just a slight difference:).

Just a small sample of what we've been picking the past couple weeks!

What we're working towards as a family...

Scott's 35th Birthday Cake=Our farm, little trees, garden, house, name sign, dream tractor,etc

The Boys Mad Scientist hair:). I'm letting it grow until the Monday before the wedding, then having someone else cut it. This will be the first time for Caleb and the first time that Garrison will actually remember.

Gathering around Daddy to help him open his presents. I let them choose the bags to put his presents in and it looks like Christmas:). They each spent some of the money they've earned to buy him something and they were very excited to give it to him, even though it was before 7 am:). The cake pops are on the left and everyone thought they tasted good.

Other happenings: Call from Preston-It was really nice catching up after his time away. Seems like he's been gone half a year, but it really hasn't been. Looking forward to seeing him at the wedding...

Scott's allergies are getting bad, so I got to mow both sides of the front of our house. Kind of relaxing, since it's the riding one. Too bad I don't burn more calories while I'm doing it:).

Now for the exciting part. I was in the house when I heard the kids yelling for me. One rushed in telling me that Sam found something in the field and was maybe hurt. Daddy told them to come to the house. I ran out to see if he needed help. I got to the garden, but they were about at the edge of our property. I couldn't see what they were fighting, but Scott was moving around, picking up rocks and hurling them at something. This is what it was:

Scott said that the badger was hissing at him and lunging at Sam. He found a rock and threw it, amazed that he hit him the first time:). It stunned the badger and Sam grabbed it to give it the shake treatment. It came out of it's stunned state and tried swiping Sam. Scott was able to another rock to finish it off by the time Sam dropped it. I just have to say that "Badger" on Franklin is quite civilized and kind. Wonder what happened to this one:). Just kidding. I'm thankful that Scott wasn't hurt and that Sam just has a little scratch. Just another day on the farm for those two...

This afternoon Scott went to knock some doors and invite people to come to the tent meeting on the 23rd. After naptime Elyssia and Garrison went outside to play in the sandbox. They quickly ran back inside to tell me that the ants had taken over part of the sandbox. I went out and sure enough discovered that the ants had made a colony, including eggs, which I've never seen before and actually think that it was in the larvae stage. I had the kids get a shovel and quickly proceeded to remove them all. I went through the sandbox and thankfully it was contained to one corner. I dug all the way to the bottom to make sure and we transported it in buckets to a far corner of the property.

The kids had an impromptu picnic supper outside. Elyssia made lemonade and Scott carried out homemade pizza for them. While I was typing Kiersten came up and offered me the topping from her pizza. She has done this before and I don't have a problem eating it. This time, however, I was distracted and I didn't look at it first. I bit into it, chewed a second, then spit it out. I think she dropped it in some sand. Mouthwash!!! Anyway, I'm starting to be wary of gift bearing children:). The other day she offered me her english muffin. I did look at it and quickly asked. Are you giving this to me because you licked off the honey. She replied, "Yep, I did!" Very pleased with herself. Good times...

So, overall it's been "another day on the farm", but one of our most memorable for sure.

Happy Saturday!

Friday, July 6, 2012

He's done it again!

This month Scott had several jobs lined up. One after one they were put off by those needing it done or contracted to someone else. We just continued on, trusting that the Lord would have something, but not actively seeking more work. This morning Scott got a call asking him to come and work for a previous employer. When the company was sold a couple years ago Scott stopped working for them and went independent. He worked with them a little bit since then, but just because it coordinated with other jobs that he was already working on. Soooo, the guy is desperately in need of help and will take Scott as much as he's able in the next couple months. Thank you Lord for helping us to trust you and for providing work when it's needed!

I'm off to enjoy a beautiful, sunny day! We did all our baking yesterday and most of our cleaning, due to having people over last night. This is the day that we prepare for Scott's 35th Birthday! I can't reveal any secrets on here, due to the fact that he often reads my blog;).

Happy Friday!

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Playing Catch Up...

Sunday Night we headed home with the kids. We thought they were too tired to stay up for fireworks on Canada Day, but I think they might have made it. They were awake til 10 and Elyssia was awake so long that I decided we should see if the fireworks were visible from the end of the lane. We didn't want to be dragged off into the bush by the mosquitos, so we drove the van:). The fireworks were clearly visible from our house! Yesiree, that's one benefit of living in the prairies. Town is 17 minutes drive from us and we can still see if from our driveway:))). Sorry I didn't take any pictures.

Monday was Laundry Day, but also the Family Savings Day for Groceries. Scott volunteered to stay behind while I took Addie and enjoyed a somewhat quiet shopping trip. I have to say that I missed the other ones. There really wasn't much room for them to sit by the time I got the groceries in though, so it's probably best that they stayed home. There were only 2 loads of laundry left to do when I got home too. Thank you Lord!

Tuesday was a bit quieter than normal because Scott took Garrison to work with him. I got to make cards, etc with the other kids. I think all of us were happy with how the day went:). That night I went into town a bit before 7 to learn how to make a couple cards. This is the first time I've been to a Stampin' Up card party. I have to say that it was quite fun. Adelaide charmed the other ladies and maybe I'll post pics of the cards sometime after I take them:).

Today was Town Day. I made the mistake of saying that it was Wednesday and Caleb reminded me that it's now called Town Day:). We were able to return library books, go to Prayer Meeting, Have lunch with Scott and pick up the remainder of his birthday presents. He turns 35 on Saturday and we're trying to make it memorable:). Now we're winding down and getting ready for bed. The wind continues to blow and we're not really sure from day to day when the next storm will start. We're thanking the Lord that He's spared our garden so far. Only time will tell whether we'll have something to harvest later on.

Happy 4th of July to all my American Family and Friends!!!

Sunday, July 1, 2012


I seriously need to come up with another list. It provides inspiration, motivation and it makes me feel more productive:). Not one with a 6 month deadline like the 30 x 30, but something that is equally exciting. Feel free to send me ideas!

In the meantime I'll leave you with some pictures Scott took during our big storm and some cute pictures of the kids(I'm totally biased on the latter statement;).

The tallest tree in the corner was broken in the storm. At least half of it will need to be dragged off at some point...

Rainbow Panoramic Shot

It didn`t take her long to warm up to Grandad.

There`s a classic smile from Addy:).

The kids favorite place to be was in the trailer with Nana! Caleb got to sleep in there for the first time this year. Nana had told him that after he turned 4 he could have a sleepover. Surprisingly enough Grandad said that the 3 kids made less noise than Sam did barking at coyotes outside the trailer.


Kiersten`s first time with 2 braids in her hair.

Just barely long enough.

Today was a pretty good day at church. It`s always a challenge to get back into the routine after we have company. I think the kids are getting more comfortable saying their Bible verse and singing. Elyssia is learning how to stay on key even when her brothers are singing quite a bit lower. They kept together pretty good and I think Elyssia stayed on the right key for 95% of the song. I`m hoping to work on a special to sing with her pretty soon.

Happy Canada Day To All My Canadian Family and Friends!!!