Monday, February 25, 2013

Learning to rest...

It seems that I struggle in this area of "resting". There's usually a long "to do" list in the back of my mind and no true rest planned until it's completed. The thing is that the to do list is never truly completed when you have children. There's always at least one of them following behind and undoing it all:). So, the Lord comes along and helps me out. Puts me flat on my back would be more like it. No one likes to be sick and I'm no exception. I do realize rather quickly that the Lord has a purpose in all of it and this time I didn't fight the rest so much. I welcomed it and actually got a little too used to it;). I'm now in the transition stage of trying to get motivated again!

Thankfully we have extra time with Scott over the next couple weeks, while work is slow. These are the "lull before the storm". The next busy season of our lives. The last month or so of snow, before things start to thaw out a bit and Spring shows itself once again. Quiet(or not so quiet) days to read the last of the pile of books, do those last craft or renovation projects.

Next month brings a new year for a certain little man of ours. Caleb will be turning 5 and with that brings the closing of another chapter in his life. Four was a very good year for Caleb. There were lots of firsts and victories and we look forward to seeing what the Lord has for him in his 5th year. I have the feeling that everything is going to be full speed ahead once he gets outside. It will be his last full year before we have to register him for 1st grade. An exciting milestone in this house. We'll see if he keeps that excitement once there's no choice about whether he can do schoolwork that day or just run off to play. It's usually really fun for at least the first couple months, but then the workload seems to get to them and the longing to just play comes upon them. Perhaps it has something to do with the teacher too;).

The one thing that we LOVE about starting school earlier than others is the reward of finishing earlier too! We have about a month or so left until we finish up with most subjects. Elyssia took her 3rd English test and only has 2 left. Garrison has less than 30 math lessons left and about the same of this reading workbook. Overall it's been a good year. There are many things that we hope to improve in as the years go by, but we thank the Lord for all the blessings of the first couple years.

There is an absence in the family once again as Preston has made his way back to Madagascar. I know that he doesn't live right here with us and we don't see him every month, but there's something about knowing a person is so far away that you can't just drive those couple hours to visit them, even if you really wanted to. That's how we feel when Preston is gone. He's a great Brother(in-law), Uncle and we're blessed to call him friend. Praying for him as he's away and looking forward to seeing him return to this side of the world after his "time is up:)".

I really should get back in the routine of taking pictures of the kids. They really seem to have grown while we were away. Garrison seems to walk a bit taller with each passing day. I'm amazed by how much his features and figure are changing and he's quickly losing those "little boy" features. Thankfully Caleb, Kiersten and Adelaide have lots of them left to enjoy and there are a multitude of things about Garrison's growing up time that we really enjoy.

Off to enjoy the family devotions before we put the kids to bed!

Sunday, February 10, 2013

A Second Honeymoon?

I suppose we can call it that. What we originally thought was going to be a couple of days of sitting has turned into 3 days of visiting with family, friends and touring Nova Scotia. I'll admit that I was hoping to do something special for our 10th Anniversary this year. I never imagined that we'd be doing this and actually didn't really want to go once I heard that we weren't going to be needed for the custody hearing. "T" and "K" were able to settle the custody issue out of court on Friday. We never imagined that they would do that and it still seems kind of unreal. Things are still not ideal, but at least "T" will have them for 10 days each month and it is enforced, rather than left up to "K's" whims.

It turns out that "T" will not be flying back with us and she is waiting until Thursday to go because her time with the kids starts Friday. So, we were left with a lot of decisions to make last minute when we thought it was all settled. Thankfully Scott's 2nd cousins offered us a place to stay for all 3 nights and the use of their second vehicle for the first 2 days. The third one we'll rent a car and visit a friend of Scott's and do a bit of sightseeing away from Halifax. We never would have gone on this trip without this happening, so we're at least considering the possibility that God wants us there for another reason. Being open to the idea that he has something for us to learn and that a quieter environment might be the best way to do that. I have to admit that I won't mind having Scott to myself for a couple days:). Yes, I'll still need to share with Addie, but she's pretty good at sharing:). I've gone back and forth struggling with wrapping my mind around all the changes, but the Lord's giving me peace about it and I pray that we can really enjoy the time away instead of being focused on how much I miss the kids.

I snuggled each of them, except Garrison, extra last night. He's kind of hard to snuggle because he's on the top bunk, but I'll make sure that I get lots of extra hugs this morning. I think they will have a wonderful time with Nana and Grandad and might actually wish that we would stay away longer when we do get back. Nana has a way of making the ordinary into something extraordinary, so I won't worry about them being bored. Praying they will be good and kind while we're away. They are little kids, after all, and still have those childish tendencies. We might have to send Nana and Grandad on a vacation when we get back:).

Well, there's still quite a bit to get done before we head to church this morning, so I'd better head out.

Til Next Time....

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Our week in pictures

Delicious Homemade Ice Cream made with the new Kitchen Aid attachment we got for Christmas. We made Vanilla and used Real vanilla beans from Madagascar. Thank you Nana, Grandad and Preston for making this treat possible:).

Working diligently on her Reading Comprehension course for Grade 3. Only one more workbook to go!

Our first time to buy a coconut. Scott opened it carpenter style. He drilled two holes in it and poured out the liquid, then he hit it with a hammer to split it open:). The kids were especially excited to see inside. Not so thrilled with the taste, but that's okay.

Garrison amusing himself:)

Addie was a little impatient when it came to waiting for me to cut the pineapple up for her. She really seemed to enjoy gnawing on this piece. Who knows! Maybe it gave her some relief from the 4 molars that are taking so long to break through.

The kids history lesson the other night was about Japan. One of the activities was a sumo wrestling match. If it didn't take so long I'd upload the video of the kids. It was hilarious. Instead I posted the picture above because it makes me laugh every time I look at it. Kiersten looks like an oompa loompa!

A friend gave me a new recipe for bread and homemade yogurt this week. The bread is so delicious that two loaves are almost completely gone by the end of the day. Tonight I used the same recipe to make pizza crust. I should have taken a picture. It makes 2 GINORMOUS Deep Dish Pizza Crusts. I had a hard time finishing my second piece and it worked out perfectly that tonight was ice skating night. I think that I worked off at least one piece:). The kids weren't sure about the yogurt at first, but now 3 out of 5 really like it. Some more tweaking and some more fruit might convince the other 2. Scott's baking his sourdough bread tomorrow, so we might just have to schedule in an extra skating time;).

Only 3 more sleeps til our plane leaves for Nova Scotia. I think it's been about 5 years since I flew last. I used to love flying, but we'll see how it goes. Praying that Addie will sleep through the flight.

Anyway, I'd better head to bed now. One last day of school and a bunch of assignments to write for next week, plus some packing, then I think I can relax a bit:). I really want to enjoy the next couple days, because I'm going to miss these little munchkins. They can be frustrating at times, but there truly isn't any job in the world better than that of being a mother. So thankful that the Lord gave me my dream job:). Some of my friends may remember be always giving that as my answer in teen class when the teacher asked what we wanted to do after high school. So many adventures in such a short time = Motherhood! Truly priceless! Thank you Lord!

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Mama's Day Out...

This morning I had a rare treat, one that I really don't desire to have very often, but realize can be good for all of us. I had a morning in town without the children. The drive is sooooo quiet without those cheery bickering voices in the backseat:). I had a quick stop for a couple groceries that aren't on my main list for Monday's big grocery day and then went to my hair appointment. It was my first one in about 4 months and I was really overdue for it. It now feels healthier and a bit lighter. After that I had lunch with a friend before heading home. I truly do feel refreshed and was super happy to be greeted by the sight of Scott and Addie waving excitedly at me from the window:).

This morning Kiersten and I taught Addie to do "Ring Around The Rosies". Those two also like the exercise time we have each morning with Scott. It's super cute to see them doing their best to "streeetch" and hop around for the jumping jacks.

It was warmer today and Scott had the afternoon in town. An all around great day!