Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Samuel meets the baby chicks

The new normal...

Weekly visitors, building projects, baking, teaching, cleaning, visiting, phone calls, and LOTS of SUNSHINE.

This past week we were blessed to have the Fehr Family staying with us. It was neat to see 13 kids sitting around our table:). All the kids had a great time running around and playing together. I meant to take some pictures, but was pretty busy feeding everyone and then visiting with Mrs. Fehr. Maybe I can have her email some pictures that she took... I'll take a picture of their prayer card later to put up. They'll be starting a church in Saskatchewan and can use lots of prayer for the new work.

We had the upstairs toilet overflow while they were here, which is always an unexpected adventure. Thankfully I'd washed all the towels since the last time and we used ALL of them. Thankfully it didn't get far out of the bathroom, which also prevented it from "raining" downstairs. I'm extremely thankful for that! Looking forward to the plumbing renovation in July, which should hopefully prevent that from being an issue anymore.

This week started off with laundry day:). Scott was home for half a day and was working on outside projects. The kids helped him to build the addition to the chick house on Tuesday and this morning we're anticipating the arrival of our 60 new chicks:).

We also had unexpected visitors-2 Moose and a baby kitten being born in the barn. Unfortunately the kitten doesn't seem to have survived.

Here are some fun pictures from the past couple days:

Our first time making dandelion honey and we all LOVE it!

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Many Hands "Kinda" Make Light Work...

May is probably going to be one of our busiest months this year. We have company coming almost every week and some are staying for 3-5 days. This weekend we are looking forward to cousins from Alberta and then a family of 9, who are planting a church in Saskatchewan. This week was extra science projects and baking to prepare for the company. I tried to have the kids help with baking, since tomorrow we have a homeschool meeting. We're looking forward to seeing about 14 other families in our area that are homeschoolers. Praying for nice weather, since we're planning to picnic at the park afterwards.

Here are some pictures from our week, so far, plus a surprise visit from Daddy in the grain truck!

Garrison explaining his balloon rocket. Samuel following the tradition of "riding" in the dump truck. Caleb's Porcupine Meatballs were a huge success!

Kiersten bakes a cake and adds the "jam frosting". Addie, the taste tester. Making buns for the visitors.


Saturday, May 2, 2015

Kids Photo Shoot

I needed updated pictures for 2 of my frames and here are the fun results!

Someone has good taste!

Most of the kids are happy to make brownies, cookies or pudding when it's their turn to make dessert. Caleb, however, asks to make lemon meringue pie, apple pie, raspberry pie and yesterday Strawberry Rhubarb Custard Pie! We did manage to make it, though our time allowance was short. Our tastebuds were very happy with Caleb's choice:). I'm thinking Caleb has a full load of his Grandad's genes, although Grandad might say that can't be, due to Caleb's dislike for eating fresh tomatoes:). I'd have to say that might be the one trait he inherited from me and I accept full responsibility for that one:). We love pretty much all the tomato "products", but I still can't bring myself to eat fresh tomatoes and actually like them. I'll always remember asking Scott what his favorite dessert was when we were just getting to know each other. His response of Pavlova was a complete surprise. I'd never even heard of it! Thankfully a lady in our church taught me how to make it. I've made it a couple times since we got married, but I've discovered that he likes pretty much any dessert I make.

It's another beautiful day in our part of Saskatchewan. Scott is working for half the day, since our missionary from Ireland is arriving later this afternoon. We're looking forward to having him in our home and there are some last minute areas that need our attention. Happy Saturday!

Look who got a haircut!

He smiles almost every time for the camera:).

He really enjoys sitting in between his brothers at the table now. It was hard for him to wait patiently for the scones, but he did very well:).