Saturday, October 12, 2013

Mission Accomplished!

My mother in law came for a visit this week and brought us LOTS of tomatoes! Scott LOVES tomatoes, but I think that expecting him to eat two half filled crates would be a little too much:). I'd asked her to bring extra so that I could experiment with making homemade ketchup and salsa. The ketchup is made, but we haven't tried to get the kids to eat it yet. We'll save that experiment for later on... The remaining corn is in the dehydrator today, which should bring an end to our preserving for this year. God has blessed and we're very thankful for the bounty preserved for winter.

Nana also brought birthday presents for the girls. Kiersten and Elyssia were excited about all the gifts, even the leggings! Kiersten was really happy to have such a variety of presents in pink(sleeping bag, tool box, tights, socks, barrettes, skirts, napkins and a water bottle, all pink). Elyssia has a bit more variety in colors and is enjoying each gift as she uses it.

We had a wonderful time with Nana here and it takes awhile for the kids to stop looking for her when they wake up in the morning or from their naps. She always seems to make life seem more fun and exciting around here:).

Trudy, our milk goat, has been delivered to the farm that she came from. She will stay there for about 3 months til they're sure that she's pregnant, then Scott will go back and get her. He said that she seemed quite sad to see him to. She was going along the fence, watching him and trying to figure out how she could get to him. We know they'll take great care of her though, so we'll enjoy the break from milking and extra chores for a couple months. It'll be interesting to see how the little goats take her being gone. They might need a little extra attention.

The chickens are doing well. They're quite contented in the barn. They've been laying between 4-6 eggs a day now, which is quite nice. We're hoping that we'll eventually get at least a dozen a day so that we can share some, but we're very thankful for the ones that we have to use right now. The kids love gathering the eggs and no one has been pecked yet:).

We've had a quiet start to our weekend, with Scott being gone, but we did our best to keep busy. Most of the house is company clean, we baked lemon muffins, steamed and pureed the big pumpkin(hoping to make a pie for Monday), put a meatloaf in the oven and cut the potatoes up for supper. Now to keep the kids occupied and out of the snacks til Scott gets home:). It's a beautiful, sunny day and we thank the Lord for His wonderful care and love in our lives. I don't know where we'd be without Him and really don't want to even consider it!

Happy Thanksgiving Weekend to all our Canadian Family and Friends!!!


  1. Sounds lovely! I've been trying to figure out which dehydrator to purchase, as I'd like to try my hand at drying food. Which one do you use? Any suggestions?

  2. We got our 10 tray square one at Cabellas when it was on sale for under $200. We LOVE it! We had a round stacking tray one when we first got married, but it took forever to dry things and dried them unevenly. The air came up from the bottom with that one. This one has the air coming from the back and we've used it for drying corn, fruit leather, fruit pieces, onions, yogurt covered raisins and bananas.

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    1. OK! I'll be on the look-out! Thanks so much! :D