Monday, December 21, 2015

Enjoying the season...

This past week we had challenges and blessings. Scott was able to get his vehicle back in good running condition and we're thankful that the Lord protected him when he was driving it to and from Prince Albert, not knowing how bad it was. We were also able to have a plumber come out and clear our kitchen sink. We've been doing things pioneer style for the past 3 months. We washed our dishes in tubs and dumped the water outside. It was okay, but I sure am thankful to have it working properly again. It makes dish washing a lot faster and more enjoyable:).

We had several neighbors drop by with Christmas goodies, which seemed to disappear in a very short amount of time:)

We really enjoyed going to a Christmas get together at a neighbour's house on Saturday night. There were 4 other little kids there, besides ours and they really enjoyed playing together. We were able to meet quite a few people that we'd never seen before. We've tried visiting different neighbours, but it's very hard to catch anyone at home these days. We got home close to 9:30, which was later than planned, but it was worth it.

Church was also a blessing. Kathleen is home for Christmas break and it's always encouraging to see her joy at being home and getting to fellowship with church family.

The kids are excited about spending time with Nana, Grandad, the Uncles and Aunt, but are finding it hard to wait, even a couple more days... Time seems to go so slowly when you're a child and fly by so fast when you're an adult:).

Today we are finishing up school, washing all our laundry, enjoying the beautiful sunshine and the snow surrounding us. We were all talking the other night about how beautiful the snow makes everything. Our yard doesn't always look that nice, but the snow seems to make it look completely different. It glistens like diamonds when we drive at night and just seems so cheery. We didn't have that much of it when we were growing up, so I always enjoy the first 3 months or so. It's a good excuse to snuggle under blankets and read together, enjoy cups of hot cocoa and the kids giggling as they get pelted with snowballs. Even Samuel is getting to enjoy the snow this year. The other kids wouldn't stay out very long when they were this age, but he doesn't seem bothered by the cold. Perhaps it's because he's our first boy born in in Saskatchewan. It took the others a bit longer to acclimate, but they now love to go out and build the snow forts, etc...

It's only -3 today, and I think that some of the ice has hardened. It just might be a good day for building a snowman and maybe I'll remember to take some pictures...

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Cookie Delivery Day!

I think this was a record baking year. The cookies above are over half of the kinds that we made and after making about 20 plates to deliver to friends and neighbors, we still have at least 500 cookies:). This was our first year making buckeyes and they're definitely going on the yearly list. Everyone loves them and I think they will probably disappear completely in the next couple days. We had lots of fun making and delivering cookies and that's why the tradition continues each year. I won't have to do much baking for Scott's lunch the rest of this month and next, so that's a bonus. The weather was perfect for delivering today. It was +3, which is tropical, compared to the -20 in previous years.

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Overflowing Cookies and Dishes...

Today we crossed the following Christmas Baking off our list:


-Homework Squares

-Rice Krispies

-Grasshopper Bark

-Double Batch of Sugar Cookies

-Miniature Oatmeal Pies (and one Large one)

-Molasses Cookies

* Only 4 or 5 more batches to go before we start making our Christmas deliveries!!!

Thank you Nana!

They love their Christmas ornaments!

1st round of Christmas cookies...

Here's the first official batch of Christmas cookies that we're making to give away this year. I had some excellent helpers!

So that's where all the food goes:)