Thursday, May 22, 2014


*Sunny Days

*Family Devotions and singing time

*History Discussions with the kids

*Riding the mower and looking at the freshly cut grass:)

*Hearing each of the kids pray for family, friends, missionaries and each other

*Watching the kids spray each other to cool off

*Seeing Elyssia making cookies all by herself(and getting to eat them)!

*Seeing Samuel roll over, discover his toes and giggle after sucking his toes:)

*How much the kids grew since last summer!

*Spontaneous trips to the library(and reading all the books with the kids at home)

*Hearing Addy say, "Honk A Horn" to Scott each day before he leaves for work.

*Watching the kids skin get brown and their hair get blonder with all the outside play.

*Trying to answer all Kiersten's questions:).

*Snuggling with all the kids on rainy days...

*Experimenting with new recipes

*Talking to friends and family

*Anticipating company coming to visit

*Planning our vacation to O.H.

*Riding as a family to church in the Yukon

*Singing as a family at the manor and Caleb Village

*Fresh eggs from our hens

*Watching Garrison and Caleb take care of their little sisters and baby brother

*Watching the boys step up and take over trash and mouse removal jobs:)

*Planting flowers with the girls

*Walking with the kids on sunny days

*Each day that the Lord blesses us with!

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Our new helper...

We're very thankful for our "Big Red". He's a 2004 Yukon XL that has enough seats for all of us! It was actually fun to go grocery shopping yesterday. The cargo space in the back is over double what we had in the van and I only had to put 3 bags on the floor in the front passenger side. The kids love riding in it and it's wonderful to see them helping each other in and out. The older ones helping the younger ones with seat belts and buckles that are more difficult for us to reach. I was going to include a picture, but it's not wanting to upload it right now...