Thursday, May 22, 2014


*Sunny Days

*Family Devotions and singing time

*History Discussions with the kids

*Riding the mower and looking at the freshly cut grass:)

*Hearing each of the kids pray for family, friends, missionaries and each other

*Watching the kids spray each other to cool off

*Seeing Elyssia making cookies all by herself(and getting to eat them)!

*Seeing Samuel roll over, discover his toes and giggle after sucking his toes:)

*How much the kids grew since last summer!

*Spontaneous trips to the library(and reading all the books with the kids at home)

*Hearing Addy say, "Honk A Horn" to Scott each day before he leaves for work.

*Watching the kids skin get brown and their hair get blonder with all the outside play.

*Trying to answer all Kiersten's questions:).

*Snuggling with all the kids on rainy days...

*Experimenting with new recipes

*Talking to friends and family

*Anticipating company coming to visit

*Planning our vacation to O.H.

*Riding as a family to church in the Yukon

*Singing as a family at the manor and Caleb Village

*Fresh eggs from our hens

*Watching Garrison and Caleb take care of their little sisters and baby brother

*Watching the boys step up and take over trash and mouse removal jobs:)

*Planting flowers with the girls

*Walking with the kids on sunny days

*Each day that the Lord blesses us with!

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  1. I would add one - getting to hang out with the amazing Holloway family over the weekend! What a total blessing it was for Dad, Arny and me - THANK YOU!! xoxo