Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Homeschool Convention

The last couple months have been really busy and I haven't made it a priority to blog on a regular basis. I can't catch up on everything because I don't remember everything we've done and it would take way too long:) So, I'll start with last weekend. We went to Alberta for the annual homeschool convention. One of the guest speakers was Ken Ham, creation scientist! Very interesting. Did I forget to mention that the in-laws kept the 3 oldest and we just had Kiersten with us. First time we've had that much quiet time since we had Elyssia:) It was a blessing to have the 4 hours of driving to just talk. To re-group and make a plan for the year ahead. There was an abundance of material to choose from, but we were able to weed out the curriculum that we want to use. We got back late Saturday night, after I missed the Oyen turn and we drove through Kerrobert. I don't think it took that much longer, but it wasn't in the plan:) Church on Sunday was a bit tiring for all of us, plus the added complication of me having one plugged ear:( It's still plugged today and I'm praying that it clears up soon. Feeling like an elderly person with my limited hearing. Scott witnessed to Brian on Sunday night and gave him a Bible to read. We're praying really hard that he won't put it off any longer. God is the only one that can make a true difference in his life.
Monday I had planned to get groceries after supper, but didn't get away til close to 7. I had a Tupperware order to drop off at the Goffs and was invited in to visit. I ended up being there for over an hour! I got into the grocery store around 9:30 and didn't get home til after 10! Everyone was asleep.
Tuesday was baking day. Cinnamon rolls, lemon loaf cupcakes and then B-B-Q chicken with rice. I know the last one wasn't baked, but it was soooo yummy! I'm glad that I put two trays of the cinnamon buns in the freezer because I'm having a hard time not eating them each time I pass through the kitchen. Good thing the kids like to eat them too:)
Today I had a hard time getting motivated to do anything. The cleaning was done yesterday, laundry too, so today it would have been nice to sleep a lot more:) I'm dreaming in that regard!
So, most of the phone calls are made. Not too much for prayer requests, but I figured it was time to update my blog a bit. Oh yeah! I got to talk to my brother, who's stationed in Germany. He's visiting my mom and brothers in Georgia and he called last night. Nice to hear his voice again after over 6 months of only facebook and e-mail. Guess this is enough for now.