Monday, November 23, 2009

New pianist

Our first pianist went South for the winter. While he's gone, Janice Bond is playing and doing an excellent job. We're having Potlucks and afternoon services to replace evening ones until Spring. It's so nice to come home and have several hours to relax or go to bed early in order to catch up for the week ahead. The new building is such a blessing and we can fellowship as long as we like:) Another huge blessing was that a church in Florida voted to send us money to help pay off the church building. After that money comes in I think we'll have about 18,000 left to pay it off. It seems like the weeks have been so busy lately. Mom came to visit on the 30th of Oct. She came to meet Kiersten and be here for Garrison's 3rd Birthday. We took her back to the airport in Saskatoon on Nov 9th. The visit went by way too fast. We were invited to a surprise 4oth birthday for a lady in our church 2 weekends ago and then to supper this past weekend. Throw in a visit from the Rutherfords on their way to Montrose, B.C., lots of cooking, baking, potty training and schooling and that kind of sums it all up. Good thing Kiersten seems to be a pretty easy going baby. We fit in her feedings and nap times somewhere in between:)