Monday, October 9, 2017

Canadian Thanksgiving!

How quickly the summer flew!

The weather has changed and the leaves are falling.

We have much to be thankful for...

The Lord has been so good to us and we praise Him for His amazing love and mercy!

The kids are growing quickly.

The Birthday Season has started.

Fall pictures have been taken.

Pumpkin, apple, cherry and blueberry pie have been consumed...

Sunday, June 25, 2017

Making new friends...

Shortly after we arrived home we had company. Preston had friends come from Alberta and invited us out to share in the fellowship. Our kids hit it off quite well and really enjoyed playing together. Preston had planned a BBQ and it was a huge success! It was the first time the Lechelts had made bannock over an open fire and we felt like we could have visited forever! It's wonderful how we're able to connect with other Christians that way. When we meet for the first time we often feel like we already know each other. The conversation flows freely about the things of the Lord and the blessings and challenges of ministry. The weekend went by too fast. As usual! However, we are very thankful to have made new friends and hope that the Lord works it out for us to spend time together again in the not too distant future! Until then, we have pictures and memories:).

Home Sweet Home

Traveling can be very exciting sometimes. It always seem to go by quickly when you're going to a new place! It was Kiersten's first time to fly and she thoroughly enjoyed it! Lillian is now a "seasoned" flyer:). We figured out that she's been on 15 different planes on the 3 trips I've taken her on. We visited my mom, brothers, sister in law's, nieces and nephews in Georgia> the weather was really nice and we had a wonderful time catching up on life and eating yummy food!

Then we flew to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania!

We enjoyed spending time with my friend Rachel and her family in New Jersey!

Got dressed up!

Went to Renee's Wedding in Pennsylvania! She is a friend from my Whidbey Island days and whenever we get together it doesn't seem like any time has gone by:).

I am thankful for my family taking care of things while we were gone. I'm especially thankful for my eldest daughter, Elyssia, making food and cleaning up. Keeping an eye on the younger ones. My mother in law also came to help and it was a blessing to know that everyone and everything was being taken care of in our absence.

It is wonderful to be back home, even if it did seem extra loud at first:). We've settled back into a routine and I'm finally getting a bit of time to catch up on my writing.

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Lillian meets baby chicks!

Hidden Hollows chicks have arrived! We got the call from Peavey Mart in the middle of breakfast this morning. Come pick up your chicks! 5 eager beavers made the trip to town with me and the other two stayed home to finish chores and wash dishes:). We ordered 55, but it seems like they included at least 5 extra! Here are some pictures from this morning:

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

30 minutes vs. 4 days

Scott is working for a neighbour this year. He was tilling about 5 minutes away yesterday. When he finished up he asked our neighbour if he could borrow the tractor/tiller to work up one of our fields. The answer was YES! He came home, ate some supper and took Kiersten and Addie with him. When he got back to our property it was Caleb and Sam's turn to ride in the fields.

You can kind of see them if you look closely:).

It took him 30 minutes to clear the field! He figured that it would have taken him about 4 days with the smaller one. We are very thankful for our tractor though! We just praise the Lord for all the time saved by the generosity of a neighbour.

May we all remember to reach out and seek to be a blessing to those around us in the days and years ahead!

Missionary Focus

This week I'd like to focus on the Gbendah Family in Liberia. They recently came back to Canada to raise more support and are looking forward to going back very soon! We are thankful that the Reimers have been over in Liberia carrying on with the work. There is a shipment of Bibles, Hymn Books and Medical Supplies for their new Medical Clinic needing to be sent over. The cost for that is $9,000. Praying that the Lord would supply those funds and allow us to have a part in it, as well.

The Gbendahs were one of the last missionaries to leave Liberia during the Ebola crisis. They really wanted to stay, but they were told that they needed to leave the country. It's been amazing to see how the Lord is opening up spiritual doors in that country. We look forward to reading their prayer letters and seeing how God is blessing!


I let Scott know about the dryer issue when he got home. He went downstairs, turned it on... and.... it worked! Praise the Lord!!

Preston let me borrow his car to take Addie in for her appointment. We dropped the tire off at Fountain Tire and headed to the school. Halfway through Addie's session they called to let me know that I could pick up the tire. They were able to patch it and we're good to go. Praising the Lord for that blessing too!

All in all, it was an amazing day.

Monday, May 8, 2017

What do you do...

when you wake up to a flat tire on the Yukon and you have an appointment in town that afternoon?

1. Praise the Lord that your husband is still at home and can take it off!

2. Thank the Lord that you have a second vehicle and can still make it to the appointment!

What do you do when you are halfway through Laundry Day and your dryer quits working(the husband has left the house)?

1. Praise the Lord that it's not the middle of winter!

2. Praise the Lord that we all have extra clothes to wear!

3. Praise the Lord for the extra long laundry line that the amazing husband put up a couple of years ago!

4. Praise the Lord that the sun is shining!

5. Praise the Lord for little ones that think hanging laundry is fun!!!

Happy Monday from Hidden Hollows!

Sunday, May 7, 2017

Planting trees!!!

This is an annual event around here. Each year it seems to get easier and faster. Part of it is having children that are old enough to help and part of it is having more machinery that prepares the ground. We are thankful for all of the above. This was Samuel's 1st year to help!

We came out of the "bush" and headed towards to water to wash our hands. Samuel saw "a boy" coming out from another direction and didn't recognize him:). It was Caleb! Funny how you don't always recognize someone when they come from unexpected places.

Caleb would fill his hat with water and then dump it on his head to cool off. It was 31 C out there!

The hard working brothers and then some of the trees that Scott planted when we first moved here.

He's growing up quickly, but looks so small when he walks across the fields:). So thankful for the opportunity to watch our children growing up on the farm.

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Ranch Helpers!

Last Saturday, we woke up at the crack of dawn, literally! The chores were done and we were heading down the road at 6:15 a.m. We were very thankful to have Big Red back from the autobody shop and headed towards Alberta. The younger kids went back to sleep for a bit and the rest of us listened to sermons by Bro. Dan Knickerbocker. Car trips have been some of the most wonderful times for talking, listening, and discussing sermons and/or Lamplighter stories. Those times are occasionally interrupted by a fussy little one, who isn't super fond of road trips. We arrived at the Tateson Ranch a little after 10am. Just in time to help feed the calves!!!

Thank you "Auntie Karyn" for the Muck boots! They were a wonderful surprise!!!

Then it was time to start making some cookies! Good thing we brought our baker...

Then there was some coloring, while others were making lunch!

and a nap for the wee one...

Right before lunch the girls rode over to see some new baby calves! Auntie Karyn took the boys over in the gator!

Elyssia and Garrison kept visiting the horses every 10 minutes or so:)

The men(including cowboy Sam) enjoyed visiting outside, while the horses quietly grazed beside them.

The kids kept riding...

going out to see more new calves!

Ice cream Sundae Time!

Rock picking and one more hour of riding...

Garrison and Elyssia were quite pleased to ride without someone leading the horse this time!

Saying Goodbye to the Ranchers...

Hoping to have Tea at THE LILAC ROOM this summer!

A GREAT BIG THANK YOU to The Tateson Family for a wonderful day on the ranch!