Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Ranch Helpers!

Last Saturday, we woke up at the crack of dawn, literally! The chores were done and we were heading down the road at 6:15 a.m. We were very thankful to have Big Red back from the autobody shop and headed towards Alberta. The younger kids went back to sleep for a bit and the rest of us listened to sermons by Bro. Dan Knickerbocker. Car trips have been some of the most wonderful times for talking, listening, and discussing sermons and/or Lamplighter stories. Those times are occasionally interrupted by a fussy little one, who isn't super fond of road trips. We arrived at the Tateson Ranch a little after 10am. Just in time to help feed the calves!!!

Thank you "Auntie Karyn" for the Muck boots! They were a wonderful surprise!!!

Then it was time to start making some cookies! Good thing we brought our baker...

Then there was some coloring, while others were making lunch!

and a nap for the wee one...

Right before lunch the girls rode over to see some new baby calves! Auntie Karyn took the boys over in the gator!

Elyssia and Garrison kept visiting the horses every 10 minutes or so:)

The men(including cowboy Sam) enjoyed visiting outside, while the horses quietly grazed beside them.

The kids kept riding...

going out to see more new calves!

Ice cream Sundae Time!

Rock picking and one more hour of riding...

Garrison and Elyssia were quite pleased to ride without someone leading the horse this time!

Saying Goodbye to the Ranchers...

Hoping to have Tea at THE LILAC ROOM this summer!

A GREAT BIG THANK YOU to The Tateson Family for a wonderful day on the ranch!

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