Sunday, May 7, 2017

Planting trees!!!

This is an annual event around here. Each year it seems to get easier and faster. Part of it is having children that are old enough to help and part of it is having more machinery that prepares the ground. We are thankful for all of the above. This was Samuel's 1st year to help!

We came out of the "bush" and headed towards to water to wash our hands. Samuel saw "a boy" coming out from another direction and didn't recognize him:). It was Caleb! Funny how you don't always recognize someone when they come from unexpected places.

Caleb would fill his hat with water and then dump it on his head to cool off. It was 31 C out there!

The hard working brothers and then some of the trees that Scott planted when we first moved here.

He's growing up quickly, but looks so small when he walks across the fields:). So thankful for the opportunity to watch our children growing up on the farm.

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