Friday, November 23, 2012


Last week I put up a post on the Kindersley Facebook site to see what the interest would be for homemade jam. To make a long story short, I sold 40 jars in about 3 days!!! It was amazing. I had some people giving me jars to make more and many that promised to give my jars back to get the 50 cent refund that I offered. I'm giving the credit to the Lord for this one. He gave me the strength and energy to get several batches made and to make it through the huge delivery day.

I haven't written about it before, but the reason for the sales are for a BARN RAISING! Very excited about this!!! I was trying to figure out a way that the kids and I could help to earn the money without Scott having to work more hours. We sold the Wii and got close to the same amount back that we paid for it 2 years ago:). I different collectibles, books that I bought when I was younger, extra Tupperware and DVDs that were just taking up space. Pretty much everything sold in 2 weeks time. Soooo, we just about have enough for the foundation and we have all the rest of winter and spring, plus a bit of summer to save and raise money for the rest. We're really looking forward to getting chickens, pigs(not the stinky part), a sheep or 2, maybe a llama for Uncle Preston:), a cow for all our dairy needs and Elyssia's hoping we'll add a horse in a couple years. Caleb is hoping for the tractor:). So, that is what has been occupying quite a bit of our extra time lately. It's also opened up a lot of opportunities to get to know more people in the community and surrounding areas. People that I never would have met otherwise. Praying that the Lord will give me wisdom through all of it. The kids enjoy helping make jam and we're enjoying the time we spend working together.

Yesterday we also celebrated American Thanksgiving. The kids enjoyed helping to set everything up and the choc chip pumpkin cake with cool whip was a huge success:). The neat thing was looking at the table and seeing so many things that the Lord had helped us to grow this year. Pumpkins, corn, potatoes... In the years to come we might have everything on the table come from right here on the property. We're especially looking forward to the milk, eggs and butter!

Yesterday I was reaching into the fridge to find a snack for Addie. I offered her a pancake and she pushed it away. She shook her head and pointed at the eggs. She clearly said, "THAT!" She's a girl that knows what she wants and SHE LOVES EGGS! Pretty much any way that you fix them:Fried, Scrambled and Hard Boiled. SHE LOVES EGGS:).

So, I'd better get back to working with the kids. They're doing really well, motivated by the fact that we'll decorate the tree today if they get done early. Maybe I'll surprise them with sugar cookies too!

Happy Friday Everyone!!!


  1. You never cease to amaze me!! And for such a good cause - how exciting it will be to become so much more self-sufficient. Plus I love how you are getting the double blessing of meeting more of your neighbours. Another opportunity for outreach ...

    Love to all of you and I'm so glad your Thanksgiving was joyful. I loved the picture you posted yesterday. xo

  2. Never a dull moment in the Holloway house! LOVE it

  3. Wow great idea to raise money! You are very resourceful. :)