Thursday, November 29, 2012

So many blessings!

Yesterday my husband gave me a very special gift. He kept the 4 older kids and let me go with a lady from church for the day. She had an appointment in Saskatoon and said that after that we could do Christmas shopping, etc... I started off the trip by tripping over a sled buried in the snow, dropping the diaper bag and falling ever so "ungracefully" on the ground. I'm actually still laughing about it. Snow makes a great cushion and there's no soreness. My friend was laughing too once she confirmed that I was okay:).

Addie was super good on the trip. She slept most of the way there and back and even took a nap in the middle when we were having lunch. It gave us a great opportunity to talk and talk and talk. So many subjects, so many stories. It was spiritually refreshing, physically refreshing because I had Addie to carry, but not 4 others to keep an eye on. I'll admit that there were times that I missed the others, but I knew that they were in very capable hands and having a great time. We were able to get all the gifts that I needed, except one. We probably would have gotten that too, but somehow my eyes didn't see it when I was looking at my list.

We had delicious food at a diner, enjoyed getting to know a Chinese couple in the Once Upon A Child store and visited with them for quite awhile while I was waiting for my friend to get back from her appt. They are Christians, have one little girl and they've only lived here for 2 years.

I was hoping to call some friends of ours that live in Saskatoon and had taken some gifts to give them. My friend wanted to make one more stop at Michaels before we went to lunch and you'll never guess who walked up to me when we were in the check out. Yes, it was our friends! What are the chances of that? In Kindersley the chances are higher, but in the city that practically never happens. Maybe because we only go about two times a year:), but I'm giving the credit to the Lord for working that out. He's sooooo amazing!

I got to go to Costco, which is always a fun experience. I don't always buy much, but there were some really good sales on fruit, so I picked up a couple kinds to make jam with. The jam business is still booming-Praise the Lord. I have about 3 batches to deliver this afternoon and I should have at least 2 more to make and deliver next week.

Today is Scott's day off. He is attending a rural pastor's meeting and I'm praying that he has a wonderful time. That he comes back refreshed and encouraged for the busy month ahead.

Happy Thursday Everyone!!!

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  1. Meleah, Thanks for sharing such a wonderful story. I must admit I chuckled when I read about your fall into the snow, but also know I am even more happier to know that you are okay. Sounds like you had a wonderful and refreshing day!