Monday, November 26, 2012


I'm writing this down because I doubt that my memory will retain it forever. Yesterday was one of those days that started off a bit wonky, but ended up being one of the best days ever!

1st Scott came downstairs to tell me that one lady had returned and brought 2 other ladies with her. The interesting thing is that I had met both of them in the last couple months. It was a great surprise and even better was the fact that they really seemed to appreciate the preaching and fellowship. Praying for more opportunities to be a blessing to them in the days to come.

Secondly, Garrison was taking his turn to watch Addie downstairs for main service. She's in training to sit upstairs, but due to a couple loud sessions she needs to get through at least 3 church practices in a row without losing it to be able to sit upstairs with us again. I asked Caleb if he wanted to be the usher and he excitedly agreed. He went up at just the right time and was quiet through the prayer. Went to the first aisle, collected the offering, then turned around and started to go back to Scott. It took 3 tries to get all the way to the back, but he didn't drop the offering plate and I think the feeling of being a helper for the Lord was worth taking the extra time for:).

Thirdly, Kiersten started singing along with the hymns. Elyssia has gotten quite good at reading and singing at the same time, but Kiersten usually stares at the rest of us while we sing. Yesterday she was singing the chorus to "Victory In Jesus". She did great, but I noticed that she was saying, "He shot me and he bought me". It was hard to keep singing while suppressing my laughter:).

Fourthly;) Caleb requested "Amazing Grace" in the evening service. He sang along quite well and at the end he raised his hand and said, "Daddy, I sang lots of the words!" I love it when the kids get to the age where they're able to sing the hymns from memory.

When we got home last night I was carrying Addie to the house and Kiersten was right behind me. All of the sudden I hear her crying. I turn around to find that she slipped on the ice and had slid under the front bumper of the car. Yes, the vehicle was turned off. We both started laughing and she kept declaring, "I slipped on the ice"!

Happy Monday!!!!

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