Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Almost August!

Where has the time gone? Oh wait! I know:) Scott has been keeping busy with carpentry jobs, but we did manage to have a very nice vacation with my mom last month. We picked her up in Saskatoon after Scott preached at Southside Baptist Church. We stayed in the Thriftlodge, which was okay. Tried to go to the little zoo, but it was closed. Went to the Christian Bookstore, the Value Village:) and the Chili's for lunch. Getting back 5 minutes before Prayer Meeting on Thursday night. The rest of the week involved visiting, bowling, Scrabble and other games... All in all it was a pretty good visit. Kiersten loved snuggling with Grandma and the older 3 warmed up pretty quickly too.
The next week involved a Preacher's conference in Saskatoon, picnic at their cabin, and packing for our trip to Alberta. Bro. Goff came out to check on Sam while we were gone and thankfully there wasn't any damage due to a neglected dog...
Alberta was full of the unexpected. The mosquitoes out there are just as mean and I got a severe reaction that required taking something for the swelling and the itch. We headed to Calgary on July 1st(Canada Day) and that meant missing the festivities. No parades, no fireworks, nothing! What a difference from celebrating the 4th of July in the States!!! I didn't get to do anything for that day either because it was a Sunday. There's always next year, right? On Friday we went to the zoo and once the again the kids really enjoyed it. Garrison was terrified of the dinosaur section, even though we assured him that it was all fake. We had a nice picnic lunch and headed home a couple hours later. I have to say that one trip to the zoo is enough for me, but for the kids sakes we went again. There were quite a few things closed and the power was out in one building. That evening we stopped in at the little shopping center and used my gift card and birthday money. The next day we headed out and stopped at the new shopping mall. Something to remember for sure. I'd like to go there without the kids some time and just enjoy walking through everything and just take it all in. It's nice because all our favorite stores are in one place. Just not the best place to take the kids because they want to run around and you don't really get to look at much. We discovered a new store that we really like. It's called Indigo. It has books, but also a good kids section. Could probably spend several hours in there. Then it was the drive home. I think it's always harder than the drive there.
Since then we've had church, counseling sessions with a couple in the church, minor and major issues with the kids, lots of rain, two teeth for Kiersten and a little girl that wants to be off and running. Pretty soon:) Caleb has also surprised us by going on the potty a couple times. Looking forward to him using it ALL the time!:)))) Well, other than things that can't be shared that about wraps up the last couple months for us. Sorry I haven't been posting much, not that anyone's reading, but there just seem to be a lot of things going on that are a lot more important. Most importantly, Garrison got saved on the trip home from Calgary and needs a lot of discipleship. How people can think that there's nothing to raising children is beyond me. They require more time, prayer and dedication than any job out there. Praying that the Lord gives us wisdom and patience to do it according to His will and not our own. See ya next time!