Monday, May 27, 2013

Praying For A Pianist!

I think the Title of the Post speaks for itself:). I'll explain further though... Last year we found out that our pianist and his wife wanted to sell their house and move back to Alberta. The Lord was kind to us because their house didn't sell last summer:). But... They put it on the market as soon as they got back from the Arizona Winter and it was sold 4 days later! They were packing up in a hurry and when I asked them what their planned moving date was they told me it was the following Sunday afternoon!!! WoW! Not much time for planning a send off. Thankfully we were able to send out quick invitations to a BBQ at our house on the 25th and most people were able to come say goodbye. It still doesn't seem quite real, but we know that it is and we're sure that the Lord will use them to be a blessing to their new church. In the meantime, we'd appreciate prayers that the Lord would send another pianist our way. Thankfully Scott can sing acapella, but it is such a wonderful addition to have the piano too:).

The new week is off to a bit of a wet start. Thankfully we were able to get all the chores done today and had some time to stay inside too:). The kids were playing Indians and made their own spears and hatchets out of wood and duct tape. Headbands out of paper and duct tape and their day included trying to build a teepee, attacking the sisters and climbing trees:).

It's a beautiful evening now and I can hear the kids chatter in the background as they bounce on the trampoline with Daddy. I'm just not up for all that bouncing tonight so I gave Caleb a break from the dishes and had a relaxing time washing them and catching up a bit on the blog:).

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Praise the Lord!

This week I was able to have a Dr. take a look at Adelaide's belly button to see if her hernia had gotten any worse. He said that it's quite tiny and she will NOT need any kind of operation for it! So thankful and relieved to hear this:). I was not looking forward to seeing her go into an operating room shortly after her 2nd birthday and this is wonderful news!!!

Thursday, May 16, 2013

The blessings of friendship...

Yesterday I was blessed to visit with 3 friends face to face, 2 on the phone and one on Skype. It was a busy day of working and visiting, but a wonderful encouragement. My friend, Miriam, is a Hutterite and we've had some very interesting conversations lately. Talking about raising children and also end times, possible persecution. They are very sheltered from most of what is going on around the world, so they have less awareness of how close the Lord's return is, but look forward to it with anticipation. Praying that they will stay faithful to the end.

Another friend has horses and lives about 10 minutes from us. She offered a hay bale for the goats because she liked what we were trying to do:). We visited awhile after loading and I enjoyed learning more about animals from someone who's had years and years of experience. She's had chickens, goats, sheep, horses, etc... and it's a blessing to learn from her.

Friend #3 lives about 5 minutes from us and is back on the farm for seeding through Harvest. They live in town during the winter, so we don't visit as much. Looking forward to more visits with her and learning more about gardening, etc... I was thankful that I remembered the Apple Butter this time. They can't have seeds in their jam, so I was trying to think what I could take for her to enjoy. Thanks to the Lord for bringing this to my attention:).

The Skype call was with my friend Carolyn on Whidbey Island. It's been way to long since we chatted and I was up til after 11:). Lots to talk about. Another reason to look forward to the Lord's reunion. More opportunities to work with and fellowship with all our saved brothers and sisters in Christ around the world!

Til next time...

Babies, Babies, and more Babies...

I just realized that I needed to delete most of the names on my prayer list for expectant mothers:). There is only one left and Neisha should be having her little girl any day now. In the past couple months there have been at least 7 of my friends that delivered healthy little ones and we thank the Lord for his mercy and loving kindness in watching over them and these new little blessings. Collette had a little girl and named her Annaleise(sp). Kim Stokes had a little girl and named her Azlynn. Crystal Aulin had a boy and named him Jonathan. My cousin Emily had a little boy. Leah Memmel had a girl. Amber Wicks had a little boy. Hannah Cramer had a boy. Kristen Drake had a boy and named him Jude. Jackie Gable had a little girl and named her Lauren. I know I didn't put all the names, but I'm having trouble remembering all of them today:). Praising the Lord for answered prayers!

"The Resolution For Women"

This past week we went through the first section of our new study for Ladies Bible Study. The chapter dealt with being "surprisingly satisfied." There are so many things about this that I loved:). Finding the secret to our satisfation in Christ. It doesn't mean that we don't have dreams for our future, but we're not controlled by our desires for more things, etc... Keeping in mind that the Lord provides for our daily needs and the time that we choose to spend with Him is far more fulfilling than the "things" that the world tells we can't live without or find happiness outside of.Making the choice to be happy and satisfied now and not after I get just that "one more thing". Not basing our happiness on our surroundings and circumstances, but on the Lord and his wonderful gift of love and salvation! Surroundings and circumstances can change quickly and often, but the Lord is ALWAYS with us. Looking forward to the day when I can see Him face to face:).

My Father's Love!

I stand amazed at how much the Lord loves me and cares for even the smallest details. Day by day he's providing the strength, energy and patience to make it through each new and unexpected(to us) turn of events. Last week we had a man from our church pass away. His name was Bro. Tom. He'd come faithfully since we held our first service. He was pretty much always smiling rain or shine, good health or poor. God truly used him to encourage us many times over the past years and we thank the Lord for him. We'll miss him, but look forward to seeing him again up in Heaven. Today is his funeral and we're praying that the Lord will soften the hearts of any there that aren't saved. Praying that He will help us to be a blessing and encouragement to those who come. Sorrowing not as those who don't have any hope, but keeping in mind that we have a blessed Hope in the Lord Jesus Christ and look for His return with anticipation. What an amazing reunion it will be up there:)

Bro. Tom is the older gentleman sitting next to Scott. I'm sure that we have a better picture, but haven't found it yet...

Life in Pictures

Thank you Lord for each and every season of life that you bless us with! Thank you for bringing us through the long winter and for the wonderful new opportunities of spring time:).

Friday, May 10, 2013

Emily's Posts: All Settled In

Emily's Posts: All Settled In

  I know that I said my next post would be in pictures, but really felt that this posting of a friend's link should come first.  They are an amazing encouragement to me and I know they would appreciate the prayers of as many people as possible. One of their daughters, Anna, was diagnosed with Leukemia and they are sharing a lot of the ups and downs that go along with it.  Truly leaning on the Lord from day to day and praying for full healing.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Life Changes Quickly!

This past month has brought a lot of changes around here...

Finishing The School Year...

Snow melting...

Bro. Tom was admitted to the hospital-lots of prayers and a couple hospital visit.

Massive ponds everywhere!

Special meetings at church!

Geese and other birds came home...

Yesterday was close 27 C!

The outdoor work and chores increased 4 fold...

Scott picked up a milk goat and her 2 babies!

1st time milking a goat:)and drinking goat's milk! Tastes Awesome!!!

Finding out my mom is coming for a visit next month!!! So Excited:).

Sam had to be shot after killing the two babies:(.

Burying Sam and the 2 little goat babies...

Remembering all the good times we had with him and all the times he protected us...

Epic trip to Jansen, SK to get more baby goats. Visit with Bro. Tom...

and a new puppy...

A big grocery day... 1st time not to buy milk or cream at the grocery store:).

Falling in love all over again with the wonderful man God blessed me with.

Thanking the Lord for all the family and friends that prayed us through the hard times this weekend.

We couldn't have done it without the Lord's help!

The next post will be in pictures...