Thursday, May 16, 2013

The blessings of friendship...

Yesterday I was blessed to visit with 3 friends face to face, 2 on the phone and one on Skype. It was a busy day of working and visiting, but a wonderful encouragement. My friend, Miriam, is a Hutterite and we've had some very interesting conversations lately. Talking about raising children and also end times, possible persecution. They are very sheltered from most of what is going on around the world, so they have less awareness of how close the Lord's return is, but look forward to it with anticipation. Praying that they will stay faithful to the end.

Another friend has horses and lives about 10 minutes from us. She offered a hay bale for the goats because she liked what we were trying to do:). We visited awhile after loading and I enjoyed learning more about animals from someone who's had years and years of experience. She's had chickens, goats, sheep, horses, etc... and it's a blessing to learn from her.

Friend #3 lives about 5 minutes from us and is back on the farm for seeding through Harvest. They live in town during the winter, so we don't visit as much. Looking forward to more visits with her and learning more about gardening, etc... I was thankful that I remembered the Apple Butter this time. They can't have seeds in their jam, so I was trying to think what I could take for her to enjoy. Thanks to the Lord for bringing this to my attention:).

The Skype call was with my friend Carolyn on Whidbey Island. It's been way to long since we chatted and I was up til after 11:). Lots to talk about. Another reason to look forward to the Lord's reunion. More opportunities to work with and fellowship with all our saved brothers and sisters in Christ around the world!

Til next time...

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