Thursday, May 16, 2013

Babies, Babies, and more Babies...

I just realized that I needed to delete most of the names on my prayer list for expectant mothers:). There is only one left and Neisha should be having her little girl any day now. In the past couple months there have been at least 7 of my friends that delivered healthy little ones and we thank the Lord for his mercy and loving kindness in watching over them and these new little blessings. Collette had a little girl and named her Annaleise(sp). Kim Stokes had a little girl and named her Azlynn. Crystal Aulin had a boy and named him Jonathan. My cousin Emily had a little boy. Leah Memmel had a girl. Amber Wicks had a little boy. Hannah Cramer had a boy. Kristen Drake had a boy and named him Jude. Jackie Gable had a little girl and named her Lauren. I know I didn't put all the names, but I'm having trouble remembering all of them today:). Praising the Lord for answered prayers!

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