Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Summer continues...

The past month:

-Garrison's 1st dentist visit = 3 cavities, one tooth that got a cap.

-Elyssia's 1st dentist visit = 1 small cavity, but braces needed and possible tonsil removal.

-Caleb's 1st dentist visit = 1 cavity, some sealants needed, braces in a couple years and possible tonsil removal

-1st Eye Appointments for everyone except Samuel. Elyssia, Garrison and Adelaide = No Glasses

Caleb-Immediate glasses for full time use. Kiersten-Glasses in a couple months, to use for reading.

-Taking the kids to visit Nana and Grandad for 4 days while Scott renovates our upstairs bathroom. Pictures of the bathroom when it's all back together:).

-A visit from some Alberta cousins = water park, water gun fights, watermelon, watching animals, feeding grasshoppers to the chickens, watching Tintin cartoons, a couple rounds of Jenga and one little cousin that became Elyssia's shadow:). Fun times, but I'm guilty of neglecting to take pictures. Maybe next time...

Looking forward to:

The Smith Family coming this weekend.

Dr. visits to check out tonsils

All my in-laws, plus a few adopted nieces from B.C. coming to visit in about a week!!!

All the unexpected things that seem to happen on a regular basis:).

Canada Day Muffins!

Donuts for Daddy's Birthday!

The kids paintings for the Castor Fair(Samuel is photobombing:).

Time at Nana's means lots of yummy food, reading and usually some art projects! We also visited Great Grandma, but Nana has that picture...