Tuesday, March 27, 2012


I think I've gone a record number of days without blogging recently. Maybe not, but it kinda feels like it. Part of it is that I love to include pictures and although I paid for the extra picture space, it won't bring up our pictures when I hit the browse button. Anybody have any suggestions about this??? Caleb's 4th Birthday was a really good day. We had some friends over to play and share the cake with. It was kind of noisy, but what do you expect when there are 5 boys 5 and under in the house:). He LOVED his monster truck cake and was very excited to receive a pop gun, Thomas book and ball for his birthday. The party hats and balloons have also seen a lot of use. This is the first time we've bought party hats and I think everyone enjoyed wearing them and being silly. It's amazing how quickly he's growing and changing. Thanking the Lord for blessing us with this crazy, fun little bundle of noise and dirt:). Sunday was another busy day for us. We had church, potluck, Cake to celebrate the 3rd anniversary of our church, and the rest home after the 2nd service. The kids did amazingly well for being out so long without naps. The older ladies LOVED seeing the little ones. They kept exclaiming how cute and smiley Adelaide was and somehow managed to avoid pinching any cheeks:). They gave the older ones some candy, which made their day even "sweeter". I think they definitely had the most sugar filled weekend ever! Thankfully it didn't make them overly crazy. Kiersten fell asleep on the drive home, but she was the only one that napped. The early bedtime was a blessing for all of us that night. Monday was pretty relaxed. We had school and some cleaning to do, but took it easy, since the family wasn't coming until Tuesday afternoon. Plus the fact that we're kinda celebrating Spring Break this week. It's Spring Break in Alberta where my mother in law teaches, so we tend to go along with their holiday schedule, in order to spend more time with them when they have time off. It was a beautiful day and the kids enjoyed splashing in the puddles outside. Thankfully I hadn't finished the last load of laundry yet:). We finished off the day by trying out a new recipe. It's a Caramel Ring. It's kind of like monkey bread, but you make it with Buttermilk Biscuits. I made those from scratch and it was beyond delicious. I'm thankful that I only made a single batch, because I'm not sure I would've been able to resist over eating this:). Another thing I wish I could post a pic of... Before bed we had some practicing to do for the medieval feast. There was tumbling practice, ribbon twirling, and some very entertaining sword fighting. Caleb and Garrison are really getting into it with their foam swords and I have to say that I haven't laughed that hard in a very long time. I had tears rolling down my face. Garrison tends to run around in circles landing quite a few blows on the top of Caleb's head, while Caleb chops wildly, landing quite a few blows against Garrison. All of this, while holding his pants up with his other hand. At one point he had his stick horse, a foam shield and his sword in his hand, all while holding up his pants and whacking Garrison:). We also tried a couple other activities, but we're not sure we're going to include them in the schedule. All in all, it was great entertainment and we look forward to seeing what happens on the night of the feast. Today was a bit more cleaning and a bit more school. Kiersten was the only one to take a nap and I can see a pattern emerging. The boys usually take a nap at least every other day, but I think they were too excited to sleep. There was a lot of excitement when Nana and Grandad arrived. The kids read books with Nana for close to an hour before moving on to something else. Caleb worked on his birthday puzzle and with a little bit of help it was finished in less than 20 minutes. This was a 100 piece puzzle. I'm amazed by this kid and it's not just because he's our son. I've not seen any other kids his age that love puzzles and work them quite like Caleb. He's crazy, but when it comes to puzzles, he's really good! The boys fell asleep shortly after 7. That's definitely one of the benefits of them not having a nap. The house gets pretty quiet once they fall asleep. It's getting close to 10 and things are super quiet now. I'm thinking it's time I was off to sleep too. There will be more family arriving in the next couple days, maybe some late nights and lots of cooking. I'll need extra energy for that and I might as well start now:)... Til next time...


  1. Have you contacted the blogger people about your picture issues? It sounds like it might be an issue on their end.

    Busy week for you guys!

  2. I've never heard of this issue before? Hope you can get it resolved soon!! ;)