Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Change of mind???

Tonight we had a friend from church over. The kids love to talk with Paul about horses, dogs, coyotes, etc... We had steak, mashed potatoes, cheddar scones, corn and I tried a new carrot cake recipe. I'm totally throwing the old one in the trash:). It was past 8 before we put the kids to bed, but they were enjoying everything too much, to end it any earlier. We were talking about Caleb's birthday and I asked him if he wanted to tell Paul what kind of cake he wanted. Caleb then told me that he had changed his mind and that he wants a monster truck cake! Not sure if that's going to happen. The other ones decided ahead of time and I already had ingredients, etc, for his first request. So, maybe I can squeeze a little monster truck on to his cake, but I don't think I'm going to try to do one in the shape of a monster truck.

Today I'm thankful for:

-A nice sunny day
-Healthy and mostly happy kids
-Plenty to eat
-Loving children
-Creative children that love to read and play Lego:)
-A Loving, Helpful Husband that loves me and our children!
-Hot water for our showers
-Our washer and dryer
-A clean house(for now:)
-The freedom to homeschool
-The safe delivery of a friend's 1st baby-Welcome Ainsley Wicks, we're in love with you, even though we don't get to hold you yet:).

Last, but not least, our nice warm bed. It's been a looooong day and I'm ready to sleep. It's hard to believe that half the week is gone already. A couple more days and, as a friend recently said, "Our house will be fresh out of 3 year olds". Til October anyway;).

~Sweet Dreams~

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