Thursday, March 15, 2012

Daddies are Pancakes?

I find conversations with my 2 year old to be very interesting these days. This morning it went something like this:

Kiersten: You not a pancake.
Me: No, I'm not a pancake.
K: You a woman
Me: Yes, I'm a woman
K: You a teacher
Me: Yes, I'm a teacher
K: You Mrs. Holloway
Me: Yes, I'm Mrs. Holloway
K: You not a pancake!

What I take away from this conversation is that she has established that I'm a woman, teacher, Mrs. Holloway and not a pancake:) In other conversations she has established that I'm her mommy and I'm daddy's wife. So, that leaves me with the the conclusion that Daddy must be the pancake:). Kidding, of course. I just wonder what goes through Kiersten's head when she's quiet(which is rare:) and then there are these times that she shares it with me and I have to laugh and share it with others.

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