Monday, March 12, 2012

A practice run...

This summer we're hoping to do a bit of camping. The older 3 have slept in the tent on the porch with Daddy several times, but the younger two weren't included. I decided to give them a new experience before the real thing and also check off another thing on my 30 x 30 list. We've got the tent set up in the living room and we're going to use the coleman stove to do hotdogs and smores for supper. Maybe even try to do scrambled eggs and toast in the morning, if we're really chipper:). The 3 girls are playing in it right now while the boys are napping elsewhere. I'm looking forward to seeing the boys expressions when they come out and see the tent in the living room. It's almost warm enough today to camp on the porch, but the evenings still get quite cold, so we'll have our adventure indoors. I might even get to check off the reading of 30 books to the kids as well. We're bringing a big box of books with us to enjoy while eating snacks and enjoying our end of winter adventure.

Off to enjoy some "girl" time!

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