Friday, March 30, 2012

A Medieval Success!

This week has been full of activity with the family around. We still have 3 of them until Sunday afternoon, but the parents had to head home this afternoon. The weather, if you don't mind wind, is gorgeous today and we'd hoped to take family pictures, but we're going to have to wait until tomorrow. My Awesome Brother-In-Law, Preston, figured out how to help me upload pictures again. It did include switching to Google Chrome Browser, but it's nice to have the picture option again;). Now I shall do my best to flood this blog with endless pictures for who knows how much longer:)))). Last night was our Medieval Feast. The night we'd been looking forward to for close to a month. Darlene has TONS of awesome pictures, but you'll have to make do with my mediocre ones. Still learning... Without further ado, I shall leave this present time and take you to a time long ago, where Kings and Queens were entertained by the lower classes while indulging in LARGE amounts of food. Scene One Opens to find Scott, the Herald, introducing King Charles and Queen Patricia of the Kingdom of Fleet. Followed by Lord Kirk and Lady Darlene of Arbor Stone Crescent and Duke Preston of Fraser. King Charles raised a toast of Apple Cider to Open up the Feast. The first course included Beef Stew on Trenchers, Stewed Apples and Figs and Plenty of Tart Cider. Scene 2: Enter the tumblers who were FANTASTIC. Kiersten had to have Elyssia's help to completely flip over, but it made us laugh even harder at her antics. The second course included Ham, Carrots, Beans and Rye Bread with Butter. Scene 3: Enter the Sword Swinging Knights! The fought valiantly and providing so much laughter that I had tears streaming down my face! They each won one round and the third was a tie, which made everyone happy. We also had Lady Elyssia perform a Ribbon Twirling Dance, which was followed by a juggling act from Lady Darlene. The third course was mincemeat pie, apple pie and Homemade Wafers(Compliments of the Queen)! The final act was the dwarf show. The Herald(Scott) and the kids dressed up and put shoes on their hands. They went behind the couch and then proceeded to entertain us til they almost fell from exhaustion. The King and Queen declared that the entire night was a magnificent success and we all proceeded to leave the banquet hall when the festivities were over. The entertainment was given by the Terrific Tumbling Trio(G, C and K), The Sword Fighting Knights(G and C), the Ribbon Twirling by Lady Elyssia(who apparently took lessons at the Indiana Jones School of Ribbon Twirlers. The way she was whipping it around we thought for sure she could snap it and eliminate the flame of the candles. It was so much fun that we'd love to do it again sometime. It will probably be 4 years from now when the kids are doing more in depth study of the different periods of history Here are a couple pictures to give you a glimpse into our VERY memorable night:

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  1. glad you got the picture uploader to work! looks like it was a fun time.