Tuesday, March 6, 2012

2 more things to check off!

The first one completed was to paint a picture:

It's sitting on our mantle right now, but I'm thinking it's headed down to the nautical room.

The second one completed this week was "finish scrapbooking our trip to Georgia". How do I post a pic of that though. I don't think I'll go through and show each one. Maybe I'll post a couple pics later on. So thankful it's done though. I have a couple more pages to finish in the kid's books, then I can start the one for this year:).

God decided to bless us with lots of snow and I've decided that it's definitely a good thing because we get to have Scott home ALL day! It also makes the farmers happy because it means they'll have moisture in the fields for planting. I'm also thankful because we haven't had the long winter like last year:).

Off to enjoy the rest of the day...

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