Monday, February 27, 2012

Fantastic Weekend

Okay, so some parts of it might not have been all that fantastic, but overall I'd say it was:). I was all ready to upload some pictures when I discovered that I left my camera at the church in my Sunday School box. Oh well...
Our weekend kinda started on Thursday. Scott had an appointment in Oyen to get his eyes checked. He needed to be driven home after they dilated his eyes, so ALL of us enjoyed going on an adventure. We'd driven through the Oyen area, but never been to the town. We stopped at a park and played for about 30 minutes. The wind made it quite chilly, so we headed to find some hot cocoa after that. They had a nice little convenience store that offered just what we were looking for. We had about 30 minutes until his appt., but headed over a little early. They took him in almost as soon as we arrived. There was a BIG playhouse with books inside the clinic, so the kids REALLY enjoyed the waiting time. His prescription really hasn't changed much since we lived in B.C., but at least we can replace his glasses now. They have a couple chips in them and it'll be nice to have a spare pair again.

Friday morning we left around 8. Everyone woke up early, due to being SUPER EXCITED! We make it to Saskatoon about once a year or so, which means this is a big deal. Elyssia Loves to go to the city. The boys just like having adventures. Scott had arranged for a couple of the stores to have things at the counter for pick-up, which really speeded up the process. I was able to get a Fabricland membership and purchased some material for making each of the kids(and the girl's dolls) pajamas. Looking forward to that project, but not until I finish the last two curtains and painting. Some friends had given us a gift card for a store that we didn't have in town, so I had fun spending that in Saskatoon and finding a bit of something for everyone. That included breakfast for Saturday morning.

From the outside the Saskatoon Inn looks quite a bit like most hotels. Once inside though, it's definitely a different story. There is a pool in the center, which I actually consider a deterrant to our ever wanting to use it. Cause who would want to have everyone that walks by staring at them:). Probably just me, but we didn't include it in our schedule of activities. Those that did go in said the water was cold. They had Botannica gardens in the center, as well. Very pretty. I'll have to include pictures when I get the camera to give you the full scope of things, but Elyssia's declaration of, "This hotel is grand!" was quite accurate. We ended up in a room with a king size bed. I'd thought that we might need to request extra pillows, but there were six on the bed, so that wasn't necessary. We could see planes taking off from the airport outside our window, but didn't hear much noise-wise.

Scott registered us and we took turns going to look through the curriculum. One big blessing was that we ended up paying $50 less than expected for the bulk of it. That left a little extra for other things. I'm thankful that there weren't as many tables to look through as the at the Alberta one. We never would have had time to see it all. We ended up just ordering cds of the sessions that we thought would be helpful instead of trying to sit in on them.

Friday night we got together with the Hammonds. We met them the first year we moved to Saskatoon and I've enjoyed getting to know them over the past couple years. Mostly through phone calls, but also the occasional visit. We were planning to just stop in and bring dessert, but they asked us to come over for supper too. The kids had lots of fun with Josh and Sarah and their collection of animals. The food was delicious and the fellowship was wonderful.

Saturday we knew there was a storm coming, so we checked out of the hotel early and only made one stop on the way home. There were a couple places where it was hard to see through the snow, but thankfully we arrived home at 1:30 and got to enjoy watching the rest of the blizzard from inside our nice warm house!

Sunday was pretty good. We were thankful to see most of our church family and see how they'd fared during the storm. There's quite a bit of snow, but it's sunny outside and warm in the house.

Today I've been prepping the girls room. It's all ready to go now, so I only have to wait until the go to bed before I start painting. I have several ideas of things to do after it's painted, but haven't completely decided, so the unveiling will probably be towards the end of the week. Until next time.....

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  1. What a wonderful time! How did Adelaide bear up through it all?!

    Well, we're off on Thursday. Pray for my Dad in particular as they phoned him to say that one of the speakers was not coming and so Dad would have to speak even more than he was already scheduled ...

    Love you guys so much! I am so thankful that I am getting to know you!