Wednesday, February 1, 2012

A Good Head Start!

Technically I started Valentine's projects yesterday. Tonight I can say that I have 3 complete(5, if you count the cards I made). We're enjoying all the extra activities and crafts. Garrison and Elyssia made cards for Scott and Scott surprised me with a gift today, without me even telling him about my plans for a month of Valentines:). Here are pictures of my first couple gifts:

A delicious Cherry Pie!

Valentine Sugar Cookies(the extras are for our Ladies Tea on the 11th).

A Candy Sundae and card for Scott.

And for an extra special treat I made Oreo milkshakes for the kids and they drank them through heart shaped straws their Nana gave them last year.

We had another gorgeous day today. It wasn't warm, but the weather was crisp and clear and the kids played outside for about an hour this afternoon. This morning I took Elyssia and Adelaide with me to CoOp for their 10% off day. Extra Foods doesn't have their sale until next Monday and we were running low, so this worked out really well. Adelaide slept through the store until we got to the checkout. That helped me to get through the store in about 40 minutes. I think we might've done it in 30, but I didn't see a couple items on my list and took longer to select a couple things, due to being unfamiliar with the brand/price. Can you believe that a small package of ground pepper cost $7. The cashier told me that I had picked the cheap kind too:). I think I might just get it from the dollar store next time. I had budgeted $2.00 for it. Silly me. I obviously haven't bought pepper in a long time. If we hadn't been completely out I probably wouldn't have bought it yet. We did come in quite close to the amount I had decided to spend. I think we were $5 over. I blame the pepper:))). I went to the dollar store after that and saw that they had a thing for $1.00. Does anyone know if there's anything wrong with the Dollar store kind. I'd definitely choose to get the cheaper kind unless someone could tell me it's really bad or something.
Anyway, the first day of February has been quite pleasant. Scott came home after working a half day and played with the kids for a couple hours before heading back to town for a meeting. The house is now extremely quiet, due to 5 little ones being asleep. Love those little ones to pieces and thank the Lord for sharing them with us. I'll enjoy a little more quiet time though and then head off to get some sleep too.

Happy February!

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  1. Speaking as someone who has to look for the lowest prices, there is NOTHING wrong with the dollar store stuff - it might not be Malabar black pepper, but it still is fine! Just keep an eye on expiration dates ...

    Having said that, you never cease to amaze me with all that you accomplish each day, and what a balanced, productive, happy life you are instilling into your children.