Tuesday, January 31, 2012

At least a week...

Originally I was thinking about doing a month of Valentines, but we'll see how that goes. When I was younger my dad used to leave gifts in my desk each day of the week that we had Valentines. When I was older he actually had flowers delivered to me! That was an amazing surprise. I had a flashback to those days when Scott and I watched "Courageous". The part where the dad took his daughter to a nice restaurant and gave her the ring. I remember picking out my ring with my dad and how special it was to be able to give Scott that ring on our wedding day. Last year a lot of my plans were put together at the last minute. It turned out pretty well, but I thought that we'd try to do crafts and baking to make it a special month. February is usually one of the longest months for us, even though it has the least days. Funny, eh? So, we'll see how it goes, but I'll try to post pics of the special things we do over the next month. January seemed to go by pretty quickly and I can only hope that February does too. One step closer to Spring!

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