Sunday, January 1, 2012

Under Construction

Happy New Year! I thought it would be good to find a fresh look for the new year, but I'm not sure that I've found it yet. I have pictures from Christmas in Alberta, but they're quite big, so it takes longer to upload them. I'll have to work on a couple of them to post this week.
Today was a VERY good day in the Lord's house. About half of our people were away, but we had 2 first time visitors. I think that the church they regularly attend didn't have services today, but I'm not completely sure. It was good to see our friends again and catch up, as much as we can with 5 little ones to keep our eyes on:). They were still a bit squirmy, but MUCH better than last week. They could hardly sit still last week, due to all the excitement. Kiersten and Caleb fell asleep during the afternoon service, which enabled me to hear 2 sermons today. The best way to start the New Year.
I'm also quite excited about a new "organizational help". Quite a few years ago my sister in law used these bags that you could stuff and then vacuum out the extra air. I found some the other day and was able to fit 5 bins of boys clothing into 2 of them. I have 2 more to fill as Adelaide outgrows her clothes. The bags fit neatly into the bottom of our linen closet. Amazing, eh! I love these kinds of things. Always looking for ways to save time, money, and space around the house. We've got the girls bunkbeds set up and their room arranged for maximum play space. Elyssia is enjoying having tea parties with Kiersten(and sometimes the boys). Sometimes the boys refuse to be polite guests and they are "disinvited" by Elyssia. I know that's not really a word, but I think you know what I mean.
Although there is a lot of ice around here, the weather has been really mild and we're LOVING it. Tomorrow is the big grocery shopping day and I'm not dreading it, like I have in previous(cold and very snowy)years. I'll take Elyssia and Adelaide and I'm praying that the little one sleeps through the whole trip. She still isn't that fond of being away from home and it can extend the trip by an hour if she doesn't sleep. Guess I'd better head back to bed. It's getting late and school starts again tomorrow. I'm actually looking forward to getting back into our routine. Thanking the Lord for another year to serve Him! Til next time...

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  1. Keep us posted how you like those vacuum-sealed bags. I tried them several years ago and they eventually "leaked" air (into them) over several months and got stuck under our metal bed and when I pulled them out they all ripped! I wonder if they are made better now.