Monday, May 27, 2013

Praying For A Pianist!

I think the Title of the Post speaks for itself:). I'll explain further though... Last year we found out that our pianist and his wife wanted to sell their house and move back to Alberta. The Lord was kind to us because their house didn't sell last summer:). But... They put it on the market as soon as they got back from the Arizona Winter and it was sold 4 days later! They were packing up in a hurry and when I asked them what their planned moving date was they told me it was the following Sunday afternoon!!! WoW! Not much time for planning a send off. Thankfully we were able to send out quick invitations to a BBQ at our house on the 25th and most people were able to come say goodbye. It still doesn't seem quite real, but we know that it is and we're sure that the Lord will use them to be a blessing to their new church. In the meantime, we'd appreciate prayers that the Lord would send another pianist our way. Thankfully Scott can sing acapella, but it is such a wonderful addition to have the piano too:).

The new week is off to a bit of a wet start. Thankfully we were able to get all the chores done today and had some time to stay inside too:). The kids were playing Indians and made their own spears and hatchets out of wood and duct tape. Headbands out of paper and duct tape and their day included trying to build a teepee, attacking the sisters and climbing trees:).

It's a beautiful evening now and I can hear the kids chatter in the background as they bounce on the trampoline with Daddy. I'm just not up for all that bouncing tonight so I gave Caleb a break from the dishes and had a relaxing time washing them and catching up a bit on the blog:).