Sunday, June 2, 2013

Our little announcement:)

It's amazing, but I think we're just as excited about baby #6 as we were when we found out we were expecting our first! Lots of excitement, especially with the siblings. Wondering whether it's a boy or a girl, but obviously knowing that it is one or the other:). Having the fun of talking about names. Thinking about whether this one will look more like Scott or myself. Loving the creativity that the Lord uses throughout all of HIS Creation! Wondering whether we'll tell the ultrasound tech that we want to find out what it is at delivery and not caving from the extreme curiosity:). Praising the Lord for each day that I'm not throwing up and still able to be up and about with Scott and the children. Thankful for the kindness of friends in giving us meals already! Our cup is full and running over. Thank you Lord!!! Looking forward to welcoming this little one shortly after Christmas.