Monday, June 3, 2013


I think that word accurately describes my condition today. Have any of you ever been REALLY REALLY hungry? I can't really say that I have beeen, but I kind of felt a small taste of it this morning. Blood tests for the pregnancy called for an 8 hour fast, which ended up being over 12 by the time I got to eat something. I left the house just as the rest of the family sat down to the usual Monday morning Pancake breakfast. I was hoping it would be a quick in and out at the hospital, but I think it was about an hour before I was done. Thankfully I didn't faint or anything. Just felt quite nauseous by the time it was done. I have to say that I truly believe that the Lord helped me through the rest of the day. It was a close one on the drive to the grocery store. I stopped for a bite to eat, but only managed a couple bites of egg and bacon before I knew I had to stop.
The big grocery shopping day is always quite the event. I feel very blessed that Scott kept the kids at home so I could just focus on that, take my time and get home when it was finished. I'm usually done in a little less than an hour, but today was more like an hour and a half. Looking, passing on because the smells were too much. Wish I took a picture of my cart at the end because it was bulging over on all sides:). I had to make a second trip back in to finish bagging:)). There was a lady behind me when the wipes box fell out of the cart and the diaper box ripped halfway to the van:). That's what makes the memories, eh? She was very kind and helped carry it to the van. The kids were super excited to see that we had LOTS of food in the house again. Going a couple days without fruit is like torture for them. If only they realized how blessed they are to have it as often as they do!
The afternoon found Scott riding the lawnmower with each of the kids taking a turn riding on his lap. There was some fun as they chased Caleb, who was riding his bike. I have to say that Scott has a great "chaser face":).
After the groceries were all put away I was more than happy to lay with Kiersten for her nap time. I think it's quickly becoming my favorite part of the day for now. Dinner was delicious for once:). During this time there is a lot that really doesn't taste good or sit well, so it's nice to have a good memory for tonight. Baked salmon with rice and green beans. There were a couple children that weren't that fond of salmon, so Scott and I were more than happy to help them out:))).
The evening finds the children outside, which is wonderful for trying to get the stomach settled. Scott has been transplanting the herbs into the front planter boxes and just enjoying the beautiful weather. Thank you Lord for blessing us with, and seeing us through, another beautiful day.

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