Saturday, June 15, 2013

What a day!

Yesterday was THE BIG DAY! I met Shirley in town right about 9am and our whirlwind trip went right til midnight! We got to Saskatoon around lunchtime and I was able to satisfy a craving for chicken fajitas(that I didn't make:). They were quite good and all my inlaws will be pleased to hear that I finished just about every bite of the tomatoes that they included with the fajita platter. Managed to keep it down all day, with some prayer:). We did a couple of errands and headed over to pick up mom. I went in expecting to be in and out rather quickly, but COULDN'T FIND HER! All the people came out of the international arrivals door and I asked the attendants if there were anymore people coming. They said everyone was out... I ended up walking all the way down to the end of the airport(which really isn't too far) and tried to find a Delta person. There were none to be found. I asked a lady to borrow a phone and tried to call mom's cell, etc... No answer. I finally headed back down and who did I meet on the way? Mom was walking towards me. It turns out that she'd been behind those doors after all, trying to find out why her baggage didn't arrive with the plane! This is the second time in a row that the airline has lost her suitcase on a trip to Canada. Not cool... So, I was thankful to have found my mom, but slightly out of sorts with the loss of luggage.

We headed off after they promised that they would have it delivered to Kindersley on Saturday evening. There were quite a few errands to run and a stop for supper. Mom had to pick up some necessities, which included a light jacket to shield her from the wind and drizzle that she flew into when she arrived here. By the time we got home and went to bed it was WAY past my bed time! PRAISING the LORD that I didn't end up throwing up after all the extra activity. It was definitely a close one, but we're still okay.

Today started off with lots of excitement as the kids woke up and could hardly wait for Grandma to wake up too! They didn't have to wait too long and there wasn't a shy one in the bunch:). Ada recognized the nice smiley Grandma that waves at her on Skype every so often:))). They enjoyed reading books and snuggling and some naptimes. The day has passed fairly quickly with it being VERY windy and some heavy rain.

Unfortunately the airline dropped the ball again by not putting mom's suitcase on the bus to Kindersley. After several phone calls a lady from Delta said that she would try to get someone to drive it out by 9 tonight. So, another trip to town, hopefully, and then a more settled state of affairs for the rest of her visit. It would be a great blessing if the rest of the trip went a lot more smoothly.

Super busy day tomorrow with Father's Day, service at the Manor in the afternoon, milking Trudy, evening service and a farewell party for the Nickersons after church. Sad to see them go, but wishing them well as they head back to Nova Scotia. Scott will be driving them to Calgary early Monday morning... So, praying for energy to get through tomorrow and make some good memories:).

Happy Father's Day to all those wonderful Fathers out there!

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  1. So glad your mom made it! Hope the suitcase did too. Enjoy every minute of her visit.