Monday, August 15, 2011

Here is the church...

Here is the steeple... Open the doors, but where's all the people??? Yesterday was probably the quietest it has been at church in a long time. Okay, maybe the quietest ever! Not because of the kids either. This summer it has gotten a bit discouraging with so many deciding to be on some sort of vacation or trip almost every week. I'm honestly starting to feel that winter is my favorite because it means more people stay home. Is this what others are seeing around the world? I'm curious to know if it's becoming the norm. Growing up we were committed to being there when the doors were open, any extra activities were fit in during the week or not at all.

Anyway, Scott and I were talking and just trying to recount all the blessings, in spite of certain things. There really is a lot to be thankful for and I think it's better to focus on that. It's far more effective to spend the time praying for the Lord to work on hearts in this area and others instead of complaining anyway:). We've had so many blessings fellowshipping with all the missionaries that we've had this summer. We've made some wonderful new friends and have an even greater reunion to look forward to in Heaven. We have at least two more scheduled this year, both friends from Trail and we're really looking forward to that.

We jokingly say that we're ready to head to Mexico or the Philippines as missionaries. If God called us there, we really would go, but for those who are concerned by that statement, "no, we're not moving anytime soon." It's more about being willing to go wherever the Lord leads. None of the churches in Kindersley are full, so there are still many people to witness to. There's just a big contrast in how people respond to the Gospel in different countries. The people there(poor countries) are so hungry for the word of God and souls are being saved pretty much every day! How different it is from our culture that has too much materialistically and tends to fit God into their schedule if there's not a better offer. It's hard to see God get so little when He gave and gives so much to us. On the cross and each and every day. We wouldn't have the prosperity if He hadn't blessed us in the first place. We're so undeserving and in my book that is enough to move me to want to give Him everything that I can. We know that He brought us here for a reason, but we pray that we don't somehow miss out on that.

Keeping our hope in God and not in those around us is important if we're going to stay on track and not be derailed by discouragement. Another great blessing is knowing that we can have a part on those mission fields without being there physically. We can be there through prayer and finances. If God doesn't come back in the next couple years we'd really like to go over and help a missionary for a couple weeks. To have the kids help find ways to serve others and witness to them. Giving to those who can give nothing(or very little) in return. Giving, just for the joy of it:). No matter what comes, we just want to serve and praise the Lord.

Prayer Requests for this week:

Peace in Israel. More nations to pray for and support them. Repentance of those churches that have turned their backs on them and who are now boycotting their products. A very sad day...

Missionary that's just been sentenced to hang for being a Christian. They said they will only spare him if he converts to Islam. They've threatened to take his two young children and give them to Muslim families too. Strength for his wife especially during this time. He is standing firm for the Lord and encouraging others to do the same.

More opportunities to witness to people in Kindersley. Souls to be saved and lives to be changed for the glory of God.

My friend Tiffany Shanks: Deliver her baby this week so that she doesn't have to have a scheduled c-section on Sat. She requested prayer for this. We're praying for a quick delivery and no complications.

The results of the tests for Mike Dolan. Grace and peace in the days, no matter the outcome.

The Marquez family and others that are having a longer wait in the adoption process. The time to pass quickly, but also to be used wisely.

Those in Africa, Egypt and around the world that are going through extreme famine.

May we keep the Lord and His desires first in everything that we do as we go about our daily lives! Have a wonderful week and please find a way to be a blessing to others:).

Potty training of Kiersten. She decided last night that she was ready and she's gone twice so far:).


  1. I feel that you're right in your analysis of the attitude of people in North America. Materialism makes us complacent. Christians who go to church only if there's nothing better going on - how do we hope to win unbelievers to Christ if we don't commit to what we ourselves profess to believe in? Dad has been preaching a lot this summer in little country churches and we have seen the same thing wherevere we go. It makes me incredibly sad.

  2. The sad thing is they might even encourage others to come, but "if" one of them shows up unexpectedly, will they even be there. That's happened at least once already. Kinda awkward to be the one left to explain where they've gone. Our kids were talking about "the nice lady" again last night:). We were at the park and Caleb and Garrison were saying, "I wish we could see that nice lady again." I told them we'll have to try to work something out soon. We have missionaries this weekend and Scott is working on the church roof the following weekend, but we'll see what we can do. I was even considering asking a friend to go with us, if it doesn't work with Scott's schedule.

  3. Ha! Driving to Saskatoon tomorrow! But I'll be leaving too late to meet you on the way out. It might work out that we can meet for tea on my way back through on Thursday ... will keep you posted. xo