Thursday, August 11, 2011

3rd Trimester

Not that long to go now, although one of my friends is due on Saturday and I have to admit I envy her being at that stage of the pregnancy:). I'm not sure if it's all the extra activity over the past month and a half or just being in this stage that seems to have stolen all my energy. It kinda started on Tuesday and today I just feel the lack of energy. Thankfully there are things to be done with and for the kids, so I'm not being totally lazy:).

We've had rain the past couple days and apparently there's more in the forecast. Not sure what that means for our weiner roast tomorrow night, but we'll figure something out.

There was a bit of excitement this morning with Sam. He was barking at the bushes and we were hearing strange sounds coming from that direction. The kids thought it was a coyote, but it turned out to be Taffy and Scratch a Mouse up in the tree growling at each other. We're not sure what's going on. Usually it's No No that comes by and picks on them, but Scott said that he hasn't seen him in several days and that Taffy was bedraggled and scratched up this morning. It's a good thing that Sam catches the mice around here because I have a feeling these cats aren't going to last too long.

We still have a tenant. His job in the oil patch didn't work out and he ended up being here a lot. Thankfully Scott has had a more flexible work schedule and has been around during the day. He's been building wheel chair ramps and things for the church. We've enjoyed seeing Scott more, but hoping the new guy finds a job or permanent place to live soon.

We've almost finished our second week of school! Elyssia is doing really well and seems to be enjoying the new curriculum. She took her first test today and got a 97%. She added an extra "s" on her memory verse. We have at least another 10 books for each of them to submit to the library book for the summer reading contest. Hard to believe it's almost the end of summer already. We've had a much better one than last week, at least getting a month's break from the mosquitoes and the kids having a lot more options to keep them outside. Soon it will be birthday season and I'll be kept busy making cakes, etc...

We finally tried a Cold Stone Creamery cake. Someone else bought it:). It was good,but I don't think it's worth paying as much as they charge. I made sure to take note of the way they set up the inside and I think that I can probably duplicate it for far less money. It was a nice treat though:).

I ordered books online from the library again. I can't think of any upcoming weeks where we're scheduled to be overwhelmingly busy like this summer, so hopefully I'll get a little reading time in there. Usually they all come in big stacks, so I didn't order any during our "busy season".

That was after the big computer crash. Scott actually thinks that the virus came through Skype. He was on one day and answered a call before realizing that he didn't know who it was. It was not someone on our friend list and some things came up before he was able to hang up the Skype call. He didn't think anything of it, but it was probably the beginning of a virus that someone spread that way. It's awful that some people have nothing better to do with their time. That we end up paying for their actions. We do have a lot to be thankful for though. Our info and files were all recovered and Scott has transferred it all to a memory stick now. There was all kinds of church info that would have been lost and gotten us in trouble come tax time. Praise the Lord things weren't completely lost. Just to us...

That about brings us up to date. We're looking forward to going to a friend's wedding next month, without the kids, and celebrating our anniversary on that day instead.

A Major prayer request: A good friend of ours has been diagnosed with tumors in his liver. I know that this is becoming more common, but it's hard to see friends and their loved ones go through it. As hard as it was to have Dad die as quickly as he did, I have to say that it was better than watching him suffer through cancer. I pray that this friend doesn't have a lot of suffering. That the Doctors will be able to do treatments and that it will all be removed, giving this man MANY more years with his family. Please add Mike Dolan to your personal and church prayers lists. He's faithfully served the Lord for several decades and we'd like to see him have the chance to do that for many more.

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  1. Thank you for adding Dad to your prayers! You are such a wonderful friend! I love and miss you!