Thursday, August 4, 2011


This afternoon Scott took his "girls" on a date. They went to Cold Stone Creamery:). I stayed home and had some time with my "little men". Love those stinkers! Cabub's taken to kissing me on the arm or the cheek and declaring"I kissed you!" as though I didn't know who did it. As they ran off to play Legos I found myself with some extra time. I haven't blog surfed in quite some time. There is usually a long "to do" list waiting for me. Today it was pretty much done. The house and dishes were clean. Not much calling my name. I was planning to make some phone calls, but our phone was on the fritz again. Mom Skyped me and we talked for awhile, til she had to get off because of the thunderstorm on her end. I came across a blog that gave me yet another reason to be thankful. It was a blog written by a mother who lost her baby girl to SIDS this year. The little girl was 4 months old. It makes me want to go and hug each of our kids, but most of all to thank the Lord for His gifts. So many people out there are hurting and dealing with the loss of a child and here we are blessed with 4 and soon to be 5. I can't seem to even find sufficient words to express how thankful I am for these children. One of the girls I grew up lost a baby to SIDS and one lost one right after she gave birth. Another one lost her baby in the womb and many have gone through miscarriages. I know that God must have a reason for each of these and I honestly don't feel like I deserved to have all these healthy children more than any of my friends. Each story is another reminder to treasure each moment that we have with these little ones. They're far from perfect, but SO... AM... I...!

Another reason for this post is to ask for EXTRA Prayers on behalf of a friend who's adopting. The adoption courts in Ethiopia are closing tomorrow and they're waiting for their papers to be approved. Meaning they can bring baby "K" home. I was reading her update today and it's heartbreaking. The waiting, the separation, the love and desire for this little boy to be home with them. They got to be with him last week, but couldn't bring him back yet. Please pray that God would work a miracle here. We know that our God can do anything! I know that sometimes his answer is "no" or "wait", but He does want us to come to Him. To bear one another's burdens. Right now this is the only way to help, but also the BEST way to help. Please be in prayer for this family. That God's will would be done and that they'd have the grace to accept God's answer whatever it might be...

I'm not a very patient person and the 9 months of waiting during the pregnancy often seems quite long. God, however, knew what He was doing when He designed us this way. If it was any shorter we'd have kids a couple months apart and LOTS of kids in diapers:). Thanking God for this summer. This time to enjoy the other little ones and look forward to meeting this new little ... Looking forward to seeing Deb with her little boy one day soon:).

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