Wednesday, May 10, 2017

30 minutes vs. 4 days

Scott is working for a neighbour this year. He was tilling about 5 minutes away yesterday. When he finished up he asked our neighbour if he could borrow the tractor/tiller to work up one of our fields. The answer was YES! He came home, ate some supper and took Kiersten and Addie with him. When he got back to our property it was Caleb and Sam's turn to ride in the fields.

You can kind of see them if you look closely:).

It took him 30 minutes to clear the field! He figured that it would have taken him about 4 days with the smaller one. We are very thankful for our tractor though! We just praise the Lord for all the time saved by the generosity of a neighbour.

May we all remember to reach out and seek to be a blessing to those around us in the days and years ahead!

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