Monday, May 8, 2017

What do you do...

when you wake up to a flat tire on the Yukon and you have an appointment in town that afternoon?

1. Praise the Lord that your husband is still at home and can take it off!

2. Thank the Lord that you have a second vehicle and can still make it to the appointment!

What do you do when you are halfway through Laundry Day and your dryer quits working(the husband has left the house)?

1. Praise the Lord that it's not the middle of winter!

2. Praise the Lord that we all have extra clothes to wear!

3. Praise the Lord for the extra long laundry line that the amazing husband put up a couple of years ago!

4. Praise the Lord that the sun is shining!

5. Praise the Lord for little ones that think hanging laundry is fun!!!

Happy Monday from Hidden Hollows!

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