Sunday, June 25, 2017

Home Sweet Home

Traveling can be very exciting sometimes. It always seem to go by quickly when you're going to a new place! It was Kiersten's first time to fly and she thoroughly enjoyed it! Lillian is now a "seasoned" flyer:). We figured out that she's been on 15 different planes on the 3 trips I've taken her on. We visited my mom, brothers, sister in law's, nieces and nephews in Georgia> the weather was really nice and we had a wonderful time catching up on life and eating yummy food!

Then we flew to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania!

We enjoyed spending time with my friend Rachel and her family in New Jersey!

Got dressed up!

Went to Renee's Wedding in Pennsylvania! She is a friend from my Whidbey Island days and whenever we get together it doesn't seem like any time has gone by:).

I am thankful for my family taking care of things while we were gone. I'm especially thankful for my eldest daughter, Elyssia, making food and cleaning up. Keeping an eye on the younger ones. My mother in law also came to help and it was a blessing to know that everyone and everything was being taken care of in our absence.

It is wonderful to be back home, even if it did seem extra loud at first:). We've settled back into a routine and I'm finally getting a bit of time to catch up on my writing.

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