Sunday, June 25, 2017

Making new friends...

Shortly after we arrived home we had company. Preston had friends come from Alberta and invited us out to share in the fellowship. Our kids hit it off quite well and really enjoyed playing together. Preston had planned a BBQ and it was a huge success! It was the first time the Lechelts had made bannock over an open fire and we felt like we could have visited forever! It's wonderful how we're able to connect with other Christians that way. When we meet for the first time we often feel like we already know each other. The conversation flows freely about the things of the Lord and the blessings and challenges of ministry. The weekend went by too fast. As usual! However, we are very thankful to have made new friends and hope that the Lord works it out for us to spend time together again in the not too distant future! Until then, we have pictures and memories:).

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