Thursday, October 17, 2013

Can It Be?

Do I really have a 9 year old daughter? Why, yes, I do:). Amazing how time has flown. I remember, amidst the nausea, feeling her kick and being amazed by the little life growing inside. We were so excited to meet her for the first time, although I was quite sure that we were having a boy. We lived in B.C. at the time and they weren't allowed to tell at the ultrasound whether it was a boy or a girl. I remember being in awe when I heard that we had a girl. It seemed like a miracle because I had 3 older brothers and only one girl cousin on my mom's side and Scott had 2 older brothers and a myriad of boy cousins. There seemed very little possibility of us having a girl first, but God knew exactly what we needed. We loved her from the start and she challenged us as individuals and as parents to give more of ourselves to others. We thought that we had it figured out. We "knew" what to do and we were going to have a well behaved child;). Well, God had something different in mind. He has taught us more through this little one and the 4 to follow more than we ever imagined. More about our own shortcomings and weaknesses. More about how our behavior looks like when seen through the parent child perspective. How many areas that we need the Lord's help in. How wonderful it is to love, invest your life, money, time and energy into taking care of others. How wonderful it is to have those little arms around you and hear them say, "I love you". How painful it can be to have to correct those you love and also to admit when you've wronged them and ask their forgiveness. The amazing and numerous times and ways that they keep us humble. The joy of seeing her repent of her sin and accept the Lord's forgiveness and salvation. The love that compels her to share the Lord with her siblings and friends. The outgoing personality that causes her to reach out and befriend all those she meets. The incredible help that she has been as each baby joined our family. The heartache watching her struggle to overcome weaknesses in her life. Wanting to take those burdens from her, but knowing that we can't. Knowing that some of her struggles come from our past sin and weak areas. Knowing there is so much left to teach her and how quickly the time that we have can disappear. We thank the Lord for our firstborn, Elyssia, and pray the Lord continues to guide and protect her through the years and temptations in the years ahead. Elyssia was born 5 days after her due date. but extremely early on a Sunday Morning. She was just on time and has encouraged us to greet the morning early and cheerfully(whether we liked it or not:) ever since:

This was the time on the clock when she came out to see her "birthday spread". She said that she was awake at 5:30 and was going to read, but decided to wait so that she didn't wake up the others. Considering that she used to wake us up at 4 and be ready to go, it's quite the improvement and was very thoughtful of her!

She requested blueberry muffins as her "cake" for this year:). She received books, Lego Clickits, hand lotion, a library card and deodorant for her birthday. Can you believe that she was super excited about getting her own deodorant! She's been borrowing mine, claiming that she "needs" it:). We went to the library yesterday and requested a card for her. She's been asking for awhile, but I wanted to make sure that she would take care of it and the books that she checked out. She's a bit more organized now and likes to put things in a certain place. Kinda reminds me of myself at that age. She will "loan" books from her personal collection to Garrison, although she has "very limited hours" that it's open:). Her other gifts were a toolbox, sleeping bag, skirts, tights and fabric for sewing projects. Nana already helped her to make a blanket and bib for the new baby.

Caleb waiting to see what's inside the gift bags!

This one's not sure she wants to be awake yet, but is looking forward to the hot cocoa with marshmallows!

Big brother is keeping little sister warm on this very chilly October Morning. These two get to have their birthdays next month and Garrison is hoping the waiting time will go quickly!

Elyssia is currently enjoying putting together the Lego Clickits and singing the hymn, "Praise The Lord" in her bedroom:). Her newest skill is whistling. She does it as she goes through her day and is getting quite good at it. She's trying to figure out how to do songs and Garrison is trying to learn from watching her. Caleb decided that he was missing out and gave it a try the other day. He gave up after awhile and just decided that making sounds like an ambulance or police car was just as good:))). Thank you Lord for the blessing of children and the joy that they bring. Still lots of challenges and crazy times, but we wouldn't trade it for all the money in the world!

Happy 9th Birthday Elyssia Anne Holloway! We Love you to the moon and back!


  1. What a sweet post. Happy birthday to your firstborn!

  2. Happy birthday, beautiful Elyssia! You are a wonderful human being and God has great things in store for you! xoxo