Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Ready for a birthday?

Yes, we are!

Tomorrow Kiersten turns 4 and this is what she gets to wake up to:

I think she will be quite excited about the pink"ish" cupcakes, the pink swimming trunks( I finally found some longer ones:), and the lamp. She told me several times that she REALLY wanted her own lamp! I found this really cute one at the Salvation Army last week and thought it would work really well clipped to her bottom shelf above her bed. I've heard from reliable sources that she also has a pink sleeping bag and pink toolbox, etc on the way:). Are you sensing a theme here? Yes, Kiersten loves everything pink! She definitely likes girl things, but also has a rough and tumble side to her. Over the past year we've watched her change quite a bit. She's eager to learn and help in the kitchen. She doesn't like to be left out of anything the other kids are doing. She's learning to be a bit more gentle with animals. Still a work in progress as far as the cats are concerned.

We pray that this is a year of continued growth and look forward to seeing the Lord work in her life. She talks often about getting saved and Jesus dying on the cross without us bringing it up and we pray that the Lord continues to convict her little heart and bring her to true repentance and salvation. Our first prairie baby is growing quickly and we thank the Lord for each day that He allows us to spend together. There won't be a three year old in the house again until November of next year when Addie moves into that position. Overall I think it's been quite a good one! Til next time...

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