Monday, October 14, 2013

Happy Canadian Thanksgiving!

This is one of the few Canadian Thanksgivings that we've gotten to spend at home. We've spent the majority of them at the in-laws, but having animals this year necessitated us being at home. Quite nice and relaxing though, for which we're very thankful. Earlier in the year we were given a ham by a man in our church. He passed away shortly after that, so it was quite special to eat this the ham and think of what a blessing Bro. Tom was. Many of the other things were from our garden or the in-laws. It was wonderful to have the pumpkin pies turn out, especially since I was using fresh pureed pumpkin instead of pie filling. The flavor still wasn't as good as my mom's, but I didn't dread having to finish the rest of my piece:).

The kids were busy with a history and science lesson this morning, so that freed me up to make a lot of the side dishes. I just realized that the green beans didn't make it onto the table, but they'll make a great side dish for supper! We also have a jello salad that we get to eat this evening. I'm thankful that we didn't try to eat it all at mid-day. I've never really liked that overly full feeling after eating and I seem to feel it even more with baby inside.

Here are some pictures of our decorations and Thanksgiving feast:

It felt good to declutter the mantle and set out the simple decorations that we have. There are times when we've had too much and really didn't know where to put it up without it looking cluttered. The lady in the middle and the squirrel pot were gifts from friends that moved away earlier this year.

Two little (gentle)men that I'm very thankful for!

Three little ladies that we love very much! Unfortunately one of them was feeling too sad to smile:(.

Miniature oatmeal pies!

The first pumpkin pie that we cut into:).

Starting to cheer up a little bit...

Trying to be creative and displaying some of our homegrown carrots!

I asked the kids to get some pinecones for decorating this morning. I didn't take a picture, but instead of bringing me a handful they brought at least 50! Guess I'll learn to be a bit more specific with my requests:). Overall it's a wonderful Thanksgiving. The two little girls are taking a nap and the 3 older ones are helping Scott harvest the last of the potatoes in the garden. The dishes are done, the family has been Skyped and I'm going to try to take a quick nap while I have the chance:).

Happy Thanksgiving to all our Canadian Family, Friends and Faithful Readers!

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