Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Busy Canning Season!

I have to admit that in between homeschooling the kids I've been canning everything possible. I haven't taken a picture of our canning shelves yet. It's wonderful to see the variety of colors and foods that the Lord has allowed us to preserve. I don't think that I have any green ones, which is kind of unfortunate:). Maybe one of these years we'll have enough cucumbers to make a batch of dill pickles. We had plenty of peas, but the kids only like to eat them fresh, so we didn't think it was worth the extra work. I'm contemplating canning corn in the future too. This year I just dried it and we'll grind it for cornbread this winter. I love when the weather is cool enough in the mornings to motivate me to bake in order to warm the house without succumbing to turning on the furnace. I think it's been around freezing a couple times already, but thanks to all our wonderful quilts we're nice and warm without the furnace yet. Holding out as long as possible:). We have hot cocoa on the really cold mornings and do our chores as fast as possible, which is usually enough to keep us warm til the sun comes out in full force.

School days seem to make the weeks go by even faster than usual. It's hard to believe that we're in our 5th week already! It's October, so we'll probably have some birthday posts coming up. Kiersten, our first prairie born girl, will be turning 4 on Thursday. Amazing how much has happened in those 4 years. January will be our 5th anniversary of moving to Saskatchewan and bring the birth of our 3rd born prairie child:). I find it interesting that our 3 B.C. born children have all gotten car sick while driving through the mountains over the past couple years. Wonder if there's something hardier about the prairie babies:). They definitely had a much colder winter to live through their first 5 months of so. I love the mountains, lakes and rivers, but over time I've found that I like driving through the prairie better. It's more relaxing and the other cars don't seem to be driving so close:).

I hear the timer for supper, so I'm thinking this is a good time to sign off.

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  1. Oh, it all just sounds so lovely! I miss living in the Midwest: the fields were such a sight to behold! I look forward to any pictures you do share of your pantry!