Thursday, September 19, 2013

Back to Baking...

Baking Day has officially come back! School definitely helps us to be more scheduled and I think everyone is pleased to see containers of baking on the counter again. We've had a couple cooler days this week, which we've definitely taken advantage of. The first one we made 56 jars of jam and syrup. I think this is a personal record for one day and it's nice to see our canning cupboard downstairs filling up in preparation for winter. I know I shouldn't say that word, especially since we haven't had Fall yet, but it's inevitable. Fall is probably the shortest season around here because winter likes to take over before it's official calendar date. We've been enjoying fresh English Muffin Bread, Snickerdoodles and a bit of fruit leather that we made in the dehydrator. It makes me wish we'd had a lot more apples and things, but we're definitely thankful for all the things that the Lord did bless us with. There are still several more batches of jam to be made, but we'll save those for another day.

On another note: We started working up a spot for our new garden. We're really just scratching the surface and will go for more of a deep cultivation in the Spring, but still quite excited about it! Our first garden spot had a frost pocket and the second area seems to be an area that ends up flooding each spring. The new one is close to the house and shouldn't have issues either way. We'll be downsizing for this one, but gradually expanding as the kids get older. Scott loves growing things in his greenhouse and will probably expand that a bit next year instead of a bigger garden. We had an abundance of homegrown watermelon, some cantaloupe, some peppers, ground cherries, lettuce and lemon cucumbers that did well in the greenhouse this year.

4 months or less until we meet this new little one!!!!!

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