Sunday, September 15, 2013

Hidden Hollow Highlights

I'm so far behind with blogging that I just figured I'd just give the highlights of our activities over the past month or so.

We had a fantastic time with the family all here for the barn raising!

We started the 2013/2014 School Year!

Scott completed several independent jobs and started working more regularly for Kindersley Glass.

We had our first Ladies Bible Study and had quite a good turnout of ladies.

The road reconstruction by the church is almost complete. We thought it was done, but then they started putting on another layer.

Scott and the kids slept up in the barn fortress for the first time!

Garrison came down and showed me that he lost his second tooth:).

I had the second ultrasound and everything looks great! Now the name game begins...

Lots and lots of yard work going on around here...

We started Bible Institute Classes at the church on Thursday nights. Pretty good turnout so far:).

Adelaide has a butter addiction and tries to sneak off with it as often as possible...

Elyssia and Garrison had their first spelling tests. 100% for both of them!!!

The hollyhocks are cut down and the rose bushes have been pruned.

My oldest brother went to Nepal and back safely:).

A friend's husband made chief and we rejoiced that she had the opportunity to join him in Japan for the ceremony!

Joanna Seay gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. So excited for them!

We super deep cleaned the house!!! Can you tell I'm excited about that one:)?

We canned peaches and pears for the winter.

The weather has been between 90 and 100 degrees for most of the past 3 weeks. Very unusual to have it hot for so long in this area.

We had our first blackberries ripen. Not sure whether I'd say they taste great. They're definitely not the quality and sweetness of the wild ones back where I grew up.

I made scones this afternoon and I'm off to try one before it's milking time and back to church for the evening service...

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